Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 review: resetting a Value for Money Bar

“The Mi Smart TV 4 brings a 55-inch 4K HDR row and tons of facilities for a unequivocally affordable price”

In a final few years, a radio shred has struggled with perplexing to make new technologies mainstream. The new many bust that many of us remember would be a trend of 3D TVs. Typically a biggest plea adult until now has been a miss of content, generally when we demeanour behind on since 3D TVs failed. However, a 4K HDR trend is on a uptake since we have a distant aloft invasion of a calm than we have of a TVs. This time around, a cost has been what’s holding a widespread adoption of 4K HDR TVs and not content. However, with Xiaomi rising a Mi TV 4, that’s all about to change.

Specifications and Features


The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 comes as a 55-inch LED row that has a local fortitude of 3,840 x 2,160 with a modernise rate of 60Hz. Additionally, it also supports HDR10 customary for HDR content, yet not Dolby Vision. Xiaomi says this is since there is some-more HDR10 calm out in a furious than there is Dolby Vision, a explain we are not assured of, and we’ll get to since in a bit. The TV comes with 3 HDMI submit ports, 2 USB ports (1x USB 3.0, 2X USB 2.0), an SPDIF out and an Ethernet port. Xiaomi has put dual speakers on a TV that they contend are Dolby/DTS-HD certified, yet with a rise outlay of 2 x 8W. In sequence to put a “smart” in a intelligent TV, Xiaomi has infused its radio with 2GB of RAM ancillary a Amlogic Cortex A-53 Quad Core CPU that can scale a clock-speed adult to 1.8 GHz. The TV runs a tradition Android-based OS called Patchwall and we will speak about it in a after section. There are a series of sincerely considerable things listed above, yet substantially what had us a many vacant was a 4.9mm density of a panel, that increases to 48mm during a thickest, a indicate where all a electronics is placed. Wall mountain a Mi LED Smart TV 4 and it will lay impossibly flush with a wall. From a specs and facilities standpoint, a Mi LED Smart TV 4 doesn’t leave room to enterprise more.

The 4K HDR Panel


The categorical showstopper here is, of course, a 55-inch 4K HDR panel, that is a 10-bit Samsung-made display. When articulate about HDR, Xiaomi says that a row supports HDR10 and not Dolby Vision mostly since there is some-more HDR10 calm out in a universe than there is Dolby Vision content. This creates clarity to some extent, yet when we cause in a fact that all of Netflix’s HDR calm is in a Dolby Vision format and not HDR10, it starts to make clarity since there is no Netflix support on a Mi LED Smart TV 4. Dolby Vision is also a some-more processor-intensive customary to exercise than HDR10. In Dolby Vision, a HDR metadata is embedded in any support of a video, boldly changing a design to give a ideal outlay while in HDR10, a HDR meta-data in embedded during a commencement of a record and practical regularly opposite a whole video. Interestingly, many manufacturers have pronounced that they will move Dolby Vision support to many of their televisions around program update, yet there’s no word on either Xiaomi will do a same. It does contend that it’s working with Netflix in bringing a app to a TV. However, in Xiaomi’s defence, many Ultra-HD Blu Ray discs bear a HDR10 stamp, yet how a miss of Dolby Vision plays out is something we will usually know once adequate time has passed.


We tested a row with a few opposite kinds of content: 4K HDR videos, 1080p videos and gaming by an Xbox One S. First, we started with gaming as affordable panels in a past have had a tough time gripping adult with a fast-paced movement of many complicated day shooters. We dismissed adult Gears of War 4 (upscaled to 4K around a Xbox One S) that has been extended for HDR. Interestingly, a upscaling finished by a Xbox One S seemed apparent in some portions of a game, yet personification it in HDR was an extraordinary experience. There were details visible in areas where they did not exist, generally when you’re personification by a dim tools of a diversion and looking by to a setting reveals a pleasing blue sky with clouds that keep their texture. A identical knowledge was had in Forza Motorsport 7 that plays on energetic continue and sets races among some of a many pleasing vistas in a world. Visually, a games looked overwhelming and a Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 does a bit beautifully. There were occasions where a response time seemed to tumble brief of what would be acceptable, yet it didn’t occur adequate times for a knowledge to be soured in any way.


Coming to a examination cinema part, we played behind some exam videos in 4K HDR (and their 1080p non HDR counterparts) by both a TV’s built-in USB 3.0 pier and a Xbox One S. The common accord is that 4K HDR looks positively extraordinary and a Mi LED Smart TV 4 does get many of it right. It could do improved in terms of black levels as we beheld some banding occasionally, yet altogether it was a rather pleasing experience. What we all did notice was a slight loiter when personification behind 4K HDR video files around a TV’s USB ports. It was a unequivocally slight lag, yet conspicuous adequate to make it annoying. We did not knowledge this emanate when personification a same files around a Xbox One S.

A sound that leaves we wanting so many more


Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 comes with both Dolby and DTS-HD sound certification, yet there are a few things we should explain here. The 2 x 8 Watt speakers on a TV are nowhere in a area of being able of producing a kind of sound peculiarity we would design from anything carrying a Dolby or DTS certification. While gaming, a complicated movement sequences all sounded prosaic and muddled. Explosions, that should sound like a rumble, sounded some-more like a wooden hang being burst in half. Honestly, in sequence to get a many of sound, you’re going to have to deposit in a good soundbar or a home entertainment setup

Patchwall a OS


Xiaomi says that a association built Patchwall from a belligerent adult as an OS for a tellurian various of a Mi LED Smart TV 4. The interface is unequivocally superb and simple. It seems that Xiaomi prioritised morality over aptitude and that is great. Even if you’re someone who’s never used a intelligent TV before, it wouldn’t take we some-more than 15 mins to get accustomed to a user interface. All a options are orderly laid out and a granted remote does a stellar pursuit of removing we from one choice to a next. The elementary remote is intensely easy to use, and can be used to control live TV calm from your set-top box as well. However, it misses out on a tongue-tied button, that seems like a bizarre omission. 


Though formed on Android, Patchwall does not come with any storefront for downloading apps, that is unequivocally a disappointment. You can sideload apps yet know that some of them are designed to run on smartphones and hence, might not work during all. Also remember, a smartphone interface is designed to be navigated regulating touch, and a TV does not register a touch.

What should be mentioned here is that yet there might be no app store and Netflix, Xiaomi has partnered with a vast series of calm providers such as Sony, Hotstar, Voot Sony Liv, Hungama and many some-more to move roughly 500,000 hours of video calm to a Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4. Between this many calm formation and a simple, easy to use OS, there unequivocally is no need to demeanour outward what is already supposing for many users.

Final Thoughts


At this point, we can’t consider of any reason to not buy a Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4. For Rs 39,999, we get a 55-inch loyal 4K HDR row finished into a unequivocally neat and superb looking frame. The TV is good built, with high-quality finishing, creation it feel “not cheap” during all. For a price, it is tough to disagree a measureless value for income tender this TV becomes. However, a Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 is going to have inclusive consequences on other segments of a industry. Given a price, it is going to put 4K HDR prepared screens in some-more households, boosting a expenditure of such content, giving calm creators some-more inducement to switch to a new format. People will finally start deliberation shopping an Xbox One X or a PlayStation 4 Pro since 4K HDR screens don’t cost an arm and a leg anymore. The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 is a no-brainer for a cost and a usually reasons to demeanour past it would be if we indispensable improved sound or a pristine Android TV experience. But afterwards again, you’d also have to bombard out some-more income as a subsequent cheapest 55-inch 4K HDR Android Smart TV costs significantly higher.

Editor’s Rating: 4 / 5


  • Super slim, demeanour great
  • Good facilities and connectivity options
  • Set-top box integration
  • Tons of preloaded content


  • Slight loiter while personification 4K videos around USB
  • Sound peculiarity could be better
  • Remote lacks tongue-tied button

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