Top HDTV deals for this Labor Day weekend (updated)

Because you need a TV to game on

Update: Last year we rounded up ten of the best HDTV deals for Labor Day weekend – because that’s a thing us Americans do when we have a national holiday: furniture and big bulky items goes cheap. Instead of tossing in yet another round-up, we decided to update the post below with some of the latest pickings.

Noteworthy is that 4K is now the main trend, even at the under $500 price point (granted these aren’t exactly top-end models or brands). In the pricier section, you’ll find LG, Samsung, and even Sony HDTVs.

We usually keep the HDTV deal lists to our weekend post roundups (tucked away in the bottom, for those unaware) – but this Labor Day weekend we’ve spotted a good number of offers. What better way to honor the labor movement by spending mindlessly on big ticket electronics!?

Joke aside, if you’re not happy with your gaming TV because or need to upgrade eventually for the eventual Neo/Scorpio, we’ve rounded up deals from high-end $1,000+ 4K UHDTVs, to budget friendly under-$500 HDTV deals.

Under $500 4K Ultra HDTV

LG HDTVs (43 to 65-inch)

Samsung HDTVs (50 to 65-inch)

Ridiculous Size 4K Ultra HDTVs

Budget HDTVs

Most of the deals listed above comes from Best Buy, your big box retailer for all things holiday promotion related. Beyond the Sony, LG, and Samsung, you’ve also got house brands such as Insignia and less known brands such as Hisense.

The high-end models will come with 240Hz panels while the lower-end picks are at 60Hz, so if you really are buying these for gaming, we’d double check the specs on each TV before you break out the wallet.

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