The best soundbars and soundbases 2017

One hapless side outcome of TVs now being about a density of a pencil is that they can mostly feel a bit brief of volume, with discourse being tough to collect out, and song tinny and, as musicologists would put it, ‘shite’.

You could, of course, get an AV receiver and approximate sound speakers, nonetheless will your other half unequivocally like that? Is your front room even suitable? The answers to those questions competence good be, ‘no way, Jose’.

Enter a soundbar and, some-more recently and expensively, a sound base.

What is a best soundbar or soundbase?

We have comparison 7 bars ‘n’ bases that all sound great, nonetheless cover opposite listeners for opposite needs. 

To that end, there are ‘best for’ bars for all from approximate sound to character to music.

Best bar bruise for pound, bar none, is a Q Acoustics M3, that is a inheritor to a M4, logically enough. It is a good performer with both cinema and music, allows for Bluetooth streaming from your phone, and looks formally chic, all for a reasonable, sub-£300 price.

How to buy a soundbar

As televisions get slimmer they competence demeanour some-more attractive, nonetheless a audio peculiarity is thin, too. A soundbar puts behind some energy and drum nonetheless a forward cables and confusion of a home cinema system. 

First thing to bear in mind is they don’t all supply approximate sound – usually as many soundbars understanding usually in stereo, so select accordingly. Stereo is some-more reliable, approximate sound can be magical. Or it can be a mess.

Some have subwoofers built-in to a categorical unit, while others embody apart woofers, mostly ‘wireless’ (although of course, they aren’t, as they contingency be plugged into mains). 

Many now also exaggerate Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi to tide song wirelessly from phones.

The categorical thing to bear in mind with soundbars is where to position them. If your TV is on a media unit, and you’re formulation to usually plonk a soundbar in front of it, we competence find it blocks your remote control.

For that reason, we competence wish to cruise a sound bottom as they lay right underneath a TV, behaving as a mini stand. This means they can’t retard a remote’s IR tie nonetheless it also creates them reduction suitable if you’ve got your TV wall mounted, or sat on a customary TV stand.

Another pivotal thing to demeanour out for is a series and form of connected connectors on offer. HDMI isn’t ideal nonetheless it is a easiest approach to block and play, nonetheless some bars and bases don’t embody it, regulating visual digital instead. 

Also handy: if we block your bar or bottom into your TV’s ARC HDMI, we can afterwards hoop pivotal controls from your TV’s remote, that means we can means to remove a soundbar’s remote control. Which we substantially will.

The Magnificent 7 best soundbars and soundbases to buy today

1. Q Acoustics M3

Best all-round mid-price soundbar

There are bigger-sounding soundbars, sexier ones and fuller-featured ones nonetheless a M3 offers comprehensive morality and good sound with both song and movies.

Just block in around HDMI (there’s also Apt-X Bluetooth, a 3.5mm and visual tie for additional sources) and, well, that’s it.

For all their ostensible simplicity, all a other bars and bases here offering during slightest a certain volume of pain in a ass, nonetheless this one unequivocally was straightforward.

As with any bar, we can place this in front of your TV, underneath it in a media section or wall mounted next it. Unlike many soundbars, a M3 even has a switch to optimise audio for any position although, if I’m being honest, it’s tough to contend it finished many difference.

The unequivocally good thing about a M3 is that it nails all 3 of a things we wish a soundbar to do. It provides a volume and clarity boost to TV, gives an sparkling and comprehensive leg-up to movies, with effects and song widescreened, nonetheless losing dialogue, and it also delivers well-developed poke with low-pitched sources. 

Subtle it maybe isn’t, nonetheless Led Zeppelin’s live DVD unequivocally does feel like an army of berzerkers entrance during we with a M3 whacked up.

Interestingly, a comparison M4 is still accessible for about a same cost and is rarely rated by audiophiles, nonetheless it’s a lot uglier, lacks HDMI and audiophiles mostly dislike it since it is ‘too bassy’, that is an oxymoron.

2. Sonos Playbase

Best soundbase and a many stylish option

This by distant a many pleasing object on this page. Yes it’s some-more than twice a cost of a Q Acoustics but, we get what we compensate for.

This soundbase sits underneath your telly looking vast nonetheless it can also put out anything from a pointed and nuanced opening to a undoubted tsunami of sound by a umpteen drivers. It also does a decent pursuit of creation Poldark’s ‘actors’ audible.

Being a Sonos jigger a Playbase is concordant with a other, multi-room speakers, and can also use them as back approximate and centre, discourse speakers. It’s glorious as a song speaker.

Setup is a bit of a pain as we have to ramble a room fluttering your phone around to ‘tune’ it, and even after you’ve finished all that, a sound theatre is not as far-reaching as you’d expect. Sonos’ app stays constantly teetering on a margin of being annoying, too.

That is subterfuge though, really. The Playbase is an glorious audio/lifestyle product. 

3. Samsung HW-K950

Best soundbar for Dolby Atmos

An even some-more critical proposition, this loses points for unequivocally being a 3.1 complement rather than a loyal one-box soundbar. 

However, it afterwards regains those points and some-more by providing an strange Dolby Atmos knowledge from one (large, cardboard) box (with 4 speakers in it).

The largest apportionment of a package, a soundbar sits in front of or underneath your telly as usual, while dual little speakers glow forwards and upwards to broach Atmos effects, and a subwoofer provides a bottom end.

Admittedly there’s not a lot of Atmos prepared for home listening, nonetheless Samsung’s setup will also have a gash during ‘upscaling’ customary approximate audio to 5.1.4, if we wish.

Add Bluetooth, Wi-fi streaming and multi-room, with concordant Samsung speakers, and we have a complement that, while a lot some-more space-demanding than a rivals, certainly gives a lot in return.

4. Bose Soundtouch 300

Best soundbar with a approximate option

The Soundtouch 300 is a attractive appurtenance that’s easy to setup around HDMI ARC although, we have listened it said, many reduction so over visual audio.

It’s also entirely featured, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio streaming, and a sonic opening is occasionally reduction than impressive. 

We’d take a bars and bases above it if that was where a Soundtouch 300’s attracts finished nonetheless supplement a Bose subwoofer and a span of a little satellite speakers and we have unequivocally easy, loyal 5.1 surround, and that really sparkles.

Unfortunately, we will need to bombard out a offer 850 quid for that payoff (£250 for a back approximate satellites, £600 for a woofer).

The usually other thing we didn’t like is that setup involves chubby a microphone to your conduct and afterwards relocating around a room. I’d unequivocally rather keep some dignity while environment adult a soundbar.

5. Sonos Playbar

The other Sonos option

If you’re in adore with Sonos multiroom, a Playbar is your other possibility to move it to your home party system. 

As with a Playbase, if we already have a integrate of Sonos Play:1‘s unresolved around your house, we can even move them in to act as back speakers to a Playbar’s front, left and right orator array. 

Also as with a Playbase, Playbar does’t have HDMI, so tie to your TV is around digital visual audio only. we dwindle this adult because, in a box of my Panasonic, it was a bit of a nightmare.

In terms of sonics, it’s also unequivocally identical to a Soundbase, nonetheless reduction tasty and aggressive. The multi-room streaming component is also benefaction and correct, and a app is still kind of irritating nonetheless not adequate to be a understanding breaker.

6. Philips Fidelio B1 Nano

Best little soundbar

The charmingly bijou B1 Nano is an affordable and unequivocally easy to fit soundbar. Yes, there is a subwoofer too, nonetheless as ever with subs, we can censor it in some indentation or cranny.

The bar itself is usually about 40cm long, nonetheless gives a good sound theatre for a B1 Nano’s distance and cost. It’s some-more of a pristine cinema and TV upholder – song playback is reduction impressive, nonetheless ideally excusable in little doses.

7. Raumfeld Sounddeck

Best soundbase for shrill music

Okay, this one is a bit lush of me, nonetheless if we usually have room in your loll for one speaker, to offer both song and TV, and we especially foster a former, this German behemoth could be value a look.

With 3 EQ presets, a Sounddeck gives a large volume boost to TV and cinema nonetheless it’s a unequivocally ‘stereo’ sound that loses some soundtrack subtleties.

On a other hand, put some tough rock, techno, hip-hop or reggae by it and spin adult a volume and your neighbours will be during your doorway seeking because a walls are shaking. This is an comprehensive savage with complicated music.

The Sounddeck is partial of Raumfeld’s multi-room streaming family of speakers, that involves an app that during times is so annoying, it creates Sonos demeanour like a indication of elegantly-coded efficiency.

However, on a other hand, Raumfeld’s speakers positively kill if we like tough rock, techno and Wagner (ie: a song that all German people listen to all a time). we adore them.

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