Review: Sharp 80-inch Aquos Q+ Series 1080p (and 2K) 240Hz 3D Smart TV (LC-80UQ17U)

Wowsers! There is zero we suffer some-more than bringing a new examination to we about a TV so big, we will have to adjust where we sit. Last time we sat down with a Sharp, we didn’t come anywhere tighten to this one in impression. In fact, we didn’t even tell a review. we theory each association can make a mistakes. This time however, no mistakes were conceived. Introducing Sharp’s 80-inch Aquos Q+ Series 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart TV (LC-80UQ17U). This bad child is big, it is intelligent and it looks great. Now we have something to examination as being improved than Vizio’s 80-inch TV (you improved locate adult Vizio!), that we have boasted about for scarcely a year now.

Since a 4K marketplace is still now in wait before it blooms due to skip of calm as good as devices that support HDMI 2.0 connections, 1080p TVs are still dominating. If we are looking to fill a really vast space on a wall (or in front of it) yet throwing down $10k+, or would like your neighbor to have only as good of a perspective as we from their house, this might be what we are looking for. Better yet, this indication indeed accepts a 4K vigilance using down an HDMI line giving we “better than 1080p peculiarity graphics”.

Sharp’s Quattron array televisions pull a fact that they combined a yellow subpixel into a brew to emanate a some-more colourful arrangement of color. Instead of your standard “RGB”, we get “RGBy”, permitting many incomparable reduction or colors to select from. Any colors in a design or video that could advantage from a shade of yellow, do so. From immature weed to an extraordinary sunset, a colors will dazzle we (even yet it isn’t truly 4k). Especially when we have a peculiarity source of 1080p video feeding it. Keep in mind, one of a initial things we did was cocktail in a design composition blu-ray to assistance regulate a design settings with (highly recommended, and we can find them on Amazon)

The fact in this TV is conspicuous for a 1080p unit. Everything including edges, lines, strands, grains, letters, shadows, lighting, high speed suit and more. It displays it all with a spin of beauty that will assistance pull we into whatever we are watching. We sat down with blu-ray cinema and even tossed in an Xbox One to take it to a limit. Similar to 4K TVs, we felt that we had a slight advantage while personification online shooters due to a combined distinctness of murky areas and apart relocating objects. We also didn’t feel any tired while personification (which can occur during times with incomparable screens).

As mentioned, this indication accepts 4K around HDMI due to a series of subpixels in a display, permitting it to pull a design to above 1080p quality. It isn’t accurately a 4K set, yet it truly does make a conspicuous difference. We were really astounded by this as we never tested a 1080p TV that claimed it can offer a “near 4k experience”. That is a confidant matter to make, and we were means to see since they made it. All interjection to a “Q+ Technology” that splits a pixels in half, doubling a altogether apportion to 16 million. Basically, by upscaling a design around this process, they are formulating a 2K shade (which is 1/2 a peculiarity of 4K, yet 2x a peculiarity of 1080p).

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3D is utterly beguiling on this model. We found it to be comparable to some of a Samsung and LG TVs that we have reviewed over time. We tested with both Despicable Me 2 and Call of Duty (game). Both sources resulted in considerable fact and felt like we were during a movies. We are still doubtful about 3D in ubiquitous here yet as we feel a attention could do so many better, yet for now, this TV joins a many during tip of what exists today. The TV comes with 2 pairs of glasses, so if we need more, we will wish to demeanour into doing so when/if we buy it.

If also offers upscaling for non-3D content, yet we didn’t play many with that given no TV has ever tender us in regards to this feature. You can see a slight difference, yet it isn’t value carrying to wear a eyeglasses (again, that’s only a opinion).

Smart Apps are an critical actor in today’s TVs as they concede we to pull past only examination wire or satellite, and try a many incomparable universe of television, movies, news, internet and more. This TV comes packaged with all of your favorite apps, permitting we to daub into things like Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Pandora Facebook and so forth.

The on-board processor that gives speed to a apps and menus seems to be in skip of. Personally this is one of a few things that reason a TV behind a small in score. We felt it would have finished improved with a faster chip (like one of a quad-cores that Samsung has been relocating to). The apps still duty and we didn’t knowledge any skipping or buffering while examination Netflix, yet navigation wasn’t adult to standard as it should be. It’s not a uncover stopper, yet value observant nonetheless.

USB device support seemed to duty as good as any other TV in the stream market. One of a fellow-editors tossed in a thumbdrive with some of his favorite song videos and trailers on it, and it played all only fine. Formats tested enclosed AVI, MPEG and MKV.

Sound: We have forked this out many times in a reviews. We do not design many when it comes to built-in speakers on these TVs since there isn’t many space to play with. Either we have a skinny TV with common sound, or a massive prosaic shade (sometimes awkwardly bulky) with rather considerable sound. We privately design prosaic TVs to be thin, have really small shelf and fit easily on a wall. This TV would be one of those. The sound isn’t anything to exaggerate about (like many prosaic TVs). It serves a purpose for giving we simple TV sound for ubiquitous watching, yet if we are looking for melodramatic sound, afterwards we will wish to bond it to a system. This should be expected.

Connectivity: We didn’t knowledge any troubles with a on-board WiFi. It also has an ethernet pier on a behind as good in box we cite a approach line. There wasn’t any loiter or stumble while streaming videos around Netflix and YouTube. The TV also supports Bluetooth for both audio and keyboards/mice. This was good as we could use a same logitech bluetooth keyboard we use for a inscription we have sitting here on a TV. No need to use USB dongles on a behind of a TV (although if your keyboard/mouse requires one, a dongle process should work on this TV as well).

Wallpaper Mode: This is an engaging underline a TV supports for when we spin it off. How it works, is that when we spin off a TV, it doesn’t indeed spin off yet instead it will arrangement images during a reduce light (dimmed) to copy a demeanour and feel of board art. This approach we have something to demeanour during when we don’t caring to be examination TV. This underline might not be for everyone, and it is not enabled by default; yet it would demeanour flattering good if a TV is mounted on a wall. It’s like carrying an 80-inch digital print frame. Sharp claims that it doesn’t devour many appetite during all (in fact, they explain it’s about $1+ a month in energy), and that it doesn’t impact a lifespan of a LEDs. You can capacitate this in a TV’s settings, choosing how prolonged it should final (3, 6, 12 or 24 hours) and if we wish to use their built-in images or your possess images on a thumbdrive (which have to be stored in a folder patrician “wp”).

The TV itself weighs about 136lbs, so if we do select to hang it on a wall, we are going to wish to make certain we do it right. Make certain a mountain we purchase supports the shade distance and weight, and that we secure it to a wall appropriately. The studs in your wall can support a good understanding of weight. 2-4 plain points drilled into studs could reason many some-more weight than this TV, yet if we skip your studs, we will have a damaged TV laying on a building a second it takes all of a weight (drywall doesn’t reason many anything for weight).

This indication has 4 HDMI inputs, one of that supports ARC, an visual out for sound and all of your normal analog inputs. There are also 2 USB ports on a behind for ride drives and devices.

Our Conclusion

Overall, we were really impressed. The “almost 4k” fortitude was a vast strike with us. Picture clarity was extraordinary and we couldn’t get adequate of examination Despicable Me 2 on it (the graphics were superb). For a cost they are seeking for it, we are removing a hybrid “almost 4k” TV for a good price. Gaming, movies, streaming and more, this TV nails it all. We motionless to give it a 9 out of 10 rating. We would have pushed for a 9.5 if a on-board processor was a quad-core. Regardless, 9/10 is a good score, so dual thumbs adult to Sharp for creation a torpedo TV! This is really one of a favorite TVs this year.



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