Review: 32″ Vizio VX32L Widescreen 1080i HDTV LCD – OSnews was so kind as to send me a Vizio VX32L for review, a 32″ widescreen LCD TV means of doing 1080i. At USD 469.99, this 32″ LCD radio is utterly affordable, so review on to find out if it is value your money.The Vizio VX32L has a following specifications:

  • 32-inch erratic ocular screen
  • Color TFT Active Matrix LCD
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Native fortitude 1366 x 768
  • Integrated NTSC/ATSC/QAM HDTV tuner
  • Supports TV formats: 480i, 408p, 720p, 1080i
  • Supports PC Resolution: 1366×768, 1024×768, 854×480, 800×600
  • Anti-Static and tough coated surface
  • Pixel/Dot Pitch: 0.51 mm (H) x 0.51 mm (V)
  • 8 ms response time
  • Colors: 8 bit 16.77 Million colors
  • Brightness: 500 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
  • Viewable Angle: 178 degr. (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • Picture-outsid-Picture (POP)
  • Closed Caption (CC)
  • V-Chip
  • 3D Comb Filter
  • Zoom
  • Freeze
  • 3:2 or 2:2 Reverse Pull-down
  • Progressive Scan Video
  • Two (2) Built-in 10 Watt speakers

The radio has a china backplate, and a feet and orator ‘beard’ are also finished in silver. The bezel around a tangible arrangement has a black piano finish, that looks utterly strenuous if we ask me – yet as always, looks are intensely subjective. A overlay runs by a center of a orator brave and a stand, that we find another good touch. The Vizio trademark doubles as a LED energy indicator; it glows a soothing white while powered on, and a unequivocally gloomy orange when powered off. This is nonetheless another good pattern touch. Luckily, a TV is vast adequate to have an inner energy territory (don’t we usually hatred those outmost bricks?).

The build peculiarity appears to be sincerely good, nonetheless it can't kick a peculiarity of some-more costly brands like JVC, Sony, or Philips. It is zero to worry about, however, and squeezing a surrounding here and there reveals tiny in a forms of movements or squeaks (I hatred squeaks). In other words, in this case, affordability does not meant bad build quality. The mountain is removable, and we can use any VESA mountain or wall mountain instead.

In a television’s box we will find a TV itself (that was a relief), a energy cord (yet another American energy cord we do not use; we could pierce to a US and we would not have to buy a singular new cord), a combination video wire with an RCA audio cable, a remote control (incl. batteries), and a primer and discerning start poster.

Before we start articulate about a TV itself, we wish to concentration on something else, something many wiring manufacturers get flat-out wrong, even a some-more costly brands: usability. More specifically, a usability of a primer and a tangible device combined. It is singular to find a primer that ideally corresponds with a tangible device it details, yet Vizio has finished this in such an superb approach it roughly done me cry tears of happiness. All a connectors (more on that later) on a backplate are particularly colour coded, and these colour codes are re-used militantly around a primer and a discerning start poster. In addition, a denunciation used in a primer and discerning start print are clear, to a point, and distinct for even people with reduced liughtness (like me). The primer also has a transparent and minute list of that connectors give a best pattern quality, something rebate tech-savvy people will positively appreciate.

So even yet Vizio is a rather immature American code (founded in 1999, located in California), they seem to get something right that few of a determined brands seem to get right: correct manuals. It is tough to precisely put into difference what creates a primer ‘good’, yet we can take it from me that Vizio is doing it right. Consumers seem to like Vizio, by a way, as they outsold all a bigger brands in a 2nd entertain of 2007 in a US.

Back to a TV. It has utterly a series of I/O ports:

  • Two HDMI with HDCP
  • One analog stereo audio for HDMI inputs
  • Two member YPbPr and stereo audio
  • Two combination video
  • One S-Video
  • One 15-pin VGA
  • One use pier (for competent engineers)
  • One analog audio out (RCA)
  • One 5.1 SPDIF digital visual audio

Obviously, a best approach to bond video apparatus is to use HDMI – sadly, my digital TV decoder (via cable) does not have an HDMI output; it usually has a SCART pier carrying S-Video or combination video signals – about a misfortune ways to send video. There is tiny we can do about this, detached from shopping an HD decoder with HDMI support (EUR 200, out of a doubt so shortly after a holiday season). Luckily, however, this brings me to another clever indicate of a Vizio: even yet we am regulating a combination video wire (video experts will cringe, this is a misfortune probable approach to send video detached from sketch it out yourself), pattern peculiarity is still acceptable. we asked several friends and family members what they suspicion of a pattern peculiarity (to discharge probable rationalisation interference), and they were all positive. Of course, regulating HD content, or even regulating possibly HDMI or member cables, would produce most improved results.

Obviously, there are signs that we am regulating combination video, generally when we are looking during quick relocating imagery with splendid colours. Especially my favourite colour, red, has problems with this. The problem is that a relocating area with a brighter colours ‘tears apart’ into RGB, and even yet this is hardly noticable during normal TV programs, it gets some-more clearly manifest during, for instance, fast-moving sports scenes. All in all, however, this TV has glorious upscaling record on board, and a pattern peculiarity regulating something as primitive as combination video is excellent.

One note: we am so happy a universe is standardising on HMDI/DVI connections. we was removing flattering sleepy of carrying to find out either my SCART connectors lift member or s-video signals; in addition, SCART is a European thing, so apparatus from a US does not use it. HDMI solves these problems. Rejoice.

The on-screen arrangement of a radio is a fun to use. The options are organized utterly logically, and a calm labels are of a vast rise distance so that they are simply readable. The settings are divided into 4 tabs: picture, audio, setup, and parental. The TV allows for a lot of tweaking, and it is advisable to spend a few moments with a primer (which is again unequivocally distinct and well-thought out in this section) and a remote control to tweak a pattern peculiarity – we have been means to urge peculiarity utterly significantly usually by branch certain facilities on or off. Dynamic sound reduction, black turn extender, white rise limiter, colour transitory improvement, and energetic contrariety ratio; personification with these options can unequivocally urge a pattern quality. As is common with usually about any TV these days, we can save several presets such as ‘movie’, ‘natural’, and ‘game’.

Two specific things about pattern peculiarity stood out to me. Firstly, a black areas are truly black. It is usually recently that some manufacturers have started to intensify a significance of black being black, yet even this sincerely affordable TV gets it right. Sometimes, it is even tough to tell where a black of a arrangement ends, and that of a bezel starts! This is a decisive alleviation over my prior LCD TV or monitors.

Secondly: fonts. Dutch radio uses subtitles for unfamiliar content, instead of dubbing like Germans for instance do (ever listened Clint Eastwood scream ‘Handen hoch!’? Sure creates me laugh), and as such, we was fearful that carrying such a vast shade filled with customary clarification calm would hurt a coming of any fonts (and so subtitles) on a screen. This incited out not to be a case: fonts are very, unequivocally crisp, either we are articulate subtitles or ‘ordinary’ on-screen fonts. This is a unequivocally vast and for me (even yet we do not need subtitles in English, German, or even French, they are useful for usually about any other language).

Even yet we do not use a inner speakers (I track audio by my member HiFi set), we did perform my common rarely systematic (cough) exam for orator quality: personification Bjork’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” and “Army Of Me”. As common with inner speakers on TVs and monitors, sound peculiarity was officious abominable for “Army Of Me”, a strain with low bases and a full sound. The high pitched records of “It’s Oh So Quiet” did better, yet still felt canned, as if we was listening to a span of EUR 3,- in-ear headphones. After perplexing out some some-more music, it became apparent that song relying on an strenuous outcome (some would call it wall of sound-ish) such as Marylin Manson’s “Mechanical Animals” or Garbage’s entrance manuscript and “Version 2.0” are really not matched for these speakers.

we hear we all thinking: “duh!”, yet to me, there is no reason for manufacturers of TVs, monitors, and even laptops to embody such singular speakers. we have seen some unequivocally tiny and slim pattern speakers over a years that were ideally means of producing decent sound outlay – not as good as correct wooden-cased three-way speakers (which we would call adequate for a normal household) of course, yet still, excusable saying a limitations. we still can't get over a fact that even up-market laptops (MacBook Pro anyone?) or displays are propitious with speakers we would hardly wish to see fit on my telephone.


For usually USD 469.99, we are removing a whole lot of radio (at slightest for Dutch standards, 32″ is pretty large), with superb pattern quality, a engorgement of submit options, and a lot of ‘tweakability’ to make a pattern fit your personal needs. The manuals and a on-screen arrangement are easy to use, and even rebate tech-savvy people will find their approach around this radio utterly easily. The orator peculiarity is, sadly, again, appalling, yet we wish this will be a subsequent vast thing for radio makers to overcome.

Product: Vizio VX32L 32″ widescreen HDTV
Manufacturer: Vizio
Price: USD 469.99

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