Review: 22″ Vizio VO22LFHDTV 1080p Widescreen LCD HDTV, famous for their cheap televisions, sent us in a 22″ Vizio VO22LFHDTV indication for a review. This full 1080p has a distance of a PC monitor, so it was tested as both a TV and a PC monitor, and as a hybrid: outmost TV guard for video modifying while connected to a PC. Its distance creates it ideal for such a scenario, yet is it unequivocally a ideal product for this kind of usage?

This normal technologically-speaking LCD HDTV, sports a full 1920×1080 on-going resolution, a dot representation of 0.248 mm, an integrated NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuner, 5 ms response time, 16.7 Million colors, 300 cd/m2 brightness, a contrariety ratio of 1000:1 that can be increased to 5000:1 when in a energetic mode, and a important ocular angle during 170 grade horizontally 160 grade vertically. It has a removable and tractable bottom and it’s wall-mountable. The TV can work both during 50 (PAL) and 60 Hz (NTSC). Other hardware facilities embody dual 3 Watt speakers, one RF input, dual HDMI with HDCP ports, 1 member YPbPr port, 1 combination port, 1 S-Video port, and a 15-pin VGA pier with a 3.5mm stereo pier (only works when a VGA pier is connected). It also has an SPDIF digital visual audio and a Stereo Mini Jack for headphone operations.

The remote control is really elementary to use, it has many fewer buttons on it compared to other TVs, and that’s a good thing. All operations can be carried out with this uncongested remote, so this is a pursuit good finished by Vizio. The on-TV controls are located on a right side of a device, vertically. When a TV is on stand-by a word “Vizio” is bright in a good yellow tinge on a front of display.

I was definitely astounded to see a volume of options a user can play with: backlight, brightness, contrast, tinge saturation, tint, sharpness, tinge temperature, black turn prolongation on/off, white rise limiter, CTI on/off, strength tinge on/off, adaptive luma on/off (to automatically change a settings depending on how many light is in a room), volume, bass, treble, audio balance, approximate audio on/off, nap timer, H/V design position, English, Spanish and French languages. The TV has usually dual design modes though, Wide and 4:3 (most TVs have some-more settings, e.g. panorama, cinema, intelligent widen etc).

The design mode has 4 presets: Movie (low contrast, some-more healthy look), Game (for gaming, to assistance with bake in), Custom, and Standard (super-saturated and contrasty). Each one of these are customizable with a above mentioned settings. Thankfully, a Movie mode was a default setting. we played with all a settings and attempted to emanate an even some-more healthy look: reduce contrast, reduce sharpness and color, a demeanour that we positively adore as it’s some-more “filmic”, and some-more in line with what plasma TVs do. The angle of observation was flattering good, and a black levels were extremely improved than a prior TV we reviewed final year, so for a inexpensive LCD, these aspects were really acceptable. Of course, quality-wise this TV can not contest with a $3600 Pioneer Kuro plasma TV, yet we didn’t design it to anyway.

However, what we did design it to do rightly was a PC support. Unfortunately, a guard adds a whet filter internally, after it receives a signal, and so even if we squeeze all a approach down to 0 a “sharpness” setting, it will still be over-sharpened, creation it unfit to perspective your footage or your handling system’s GUI as it’s ostensible to be. Therefore, graphics or video work becomes too close with this model. Only film observation and PC gaming doesn’t seem that many of a large understanding with this flaw. When we googled about it, we found that other Vizio models humour from a same problem.

The certain warn was a peculiarity of a sound out of these tiny speakers. Definitely improved than what we expected, and improved than my PC speakers.

Overall, this is a good product though, with adequate settings and design peculiarity compared to many inexpensive TVs out there, it’s only that there are 2-3 things that could have been finished better, generally a PC support.

Rating: 7/10

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