Nvidia Will End Support for Its 3D Glasses, an Incredible Technology You Definitely Use

Don’t they only demeanour so *cool*?
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Remember behind when 3D TVs, movies, live sporting events, and eyeglasses were a thing? Yeah, well, Nvidia realizes we don’t either, and as a result, it’s pulling support for 3D Vision, a height for gaming with 3D glasses.

According to Nvidia, 3D diehards will get a final drivers for 3D Vision in Apr with Release 418. That will presumably lift by until Apr 2020, though there won’t be any serve support going forward. That also impacts gaming on 3D TVs, as Nvidia will gold 3DTV Play with a Release 418. Meanwhile, a 3D Vision Video Player app will be permitted by a finish of 2019, though not after.


3D party has been on a delayed impetus toward genocide for a prolonged while—Nvidia only happens to be one of a few stragglers. Part of it is that, for gaming, VR headsets have turn some-more affordable and accessible. Likewise, 3D TVs mostly bit a dust in 2016, due in partial since 3D eyeglasses were a unwieldy and costly appendage for a mostly nonessential feature. Plus, not all manufacturers used a same standards for 3D glasses, and shopping a 3D-capable Blu-Ray actor was also a hassle. As for 3D broadcasts, not even 3D Olympics was value a effort, and muted adoption led broadcasters like ESPN to embankment a format entirely.

[Nvidia around Engadget]

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