New PS4 Update Boosts Image Quality for PS4 Pro Owners Stuck on 1080p

Sony PS4 Pro

Sony has expelled chronicle 5.50 of a PS4 System Software, with a series of new improvements and facilities for PS4 owners. The new refurbish includes improved parental controls, a series of UI tweaks, and many importantly, a new underline to urge picture peculiarity on a PS4 Pro.

Supersampling Comes to PS4 Pro

When a PS4 Pro launched, one common critique was a scarcity of improvements for gamers who still owned 1080p TVs. Most of a updated titles permitted during launch focused on 4K arrangement and HDR support. Games that weren’t automatic to take advantage of a PS4 Pro’s second, some-more absolute GPU cluster didn’t primarily benefit. The PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode, that Sony combined over a year ago, did extend some advantages into titles that weren’t updated for a rested platform, though that didn’t residence a fact that we unequivocally indispensable 4K + HDR to clear shopping a PS4 Pro during all.


2K is a little-used tenure for 1080p TVs.

Now, with System Software 5.50, there’s a new supersampled fortitude mode gamers can activate at-will. Here’s how Sony describes it:

PS4 Pro users holding partial in a beta will see a new ‘supersampling mode’ underneath Settings, that enables those with HDTVs (i.e., 1080p or less) to suffer an extended visible knowledge when personification some PS4 games.

With supersampling mode, some games will describe during a aloft fortitude and afterwards be downscaled to compare a HDTV – permitting PS4 Pro owners to precedence a advantages of an picture clarity boost even if their PS4 Pro is not connected to a 4K TV. Please note opening will vary, as games are optimized differently to take advantage of a energy of PS4 Pro.

We don’t know nonetheless how many titles support this mode, though it should offer a poignant visible upgrade. Supersampling, also called downsampling, is a routine of digest a diversion internally during a really high resolution, afterwards scaling it to a revoke fortitude for arrangement on a TV or monitor. This routine roughly reduces a participation of “jaggies,” a stair-step angled lines you’ll mostly see on foliage, energy lines, fences, and line edges some-more generally within a given game.

Supporting this underline should be a comparatively candid affair. The reason we don’t use supersampling as a primary antialiasing process in all cases is given it’s intensely computationally expensive. Sony’s use of checkerboarding to strike near-4K homogeneous fortitude should still assistance here, however — supersampling a checkerboarded picture will still revoke bandwidth and pixel throughput mandate compared to a local 4K display.

Other Features

The PlayStation 4 has had parental controls given it debuted, though Sony has been buffing them of late. The 5.50 program refurbish introduces a new underline called Play Time Management. Parents or guardians with entrance to a PlayStation Network comment can record in around smartphone or PC and check how most any child comment has played that day as good as how most time remains.


Parents can change when a PS4 is permitted for use and how most diversion time is allocated for that day from a web portal, as good as grouping it to record out once a diversion event is over. The children who are personification on a console are warned when their play event is roughly over, permitting them to find a save indicate or protected logout indicate before using out of time.


PS4 owners also now have a choice to import tradition wallpapers around USB, there are new updates to a library UI, and players can now censor certain applications underneath a “Purchased” tab. Custom friends lists are also now permitted from a Quick Menu and we can henceforth mislay aged notifications from a system.

All in all, a plain set of improvements. Happy gaming.

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