LG Intros Game-Changing CalMAN 3D LUT AutoCal on 2018 OLED TV

In a game-changing move, LG Electronics has partnered with Portrait Displays – developer of a industry-leading CalMAN calibration program – to offer 3D LUT auto-calibration functionality on a South Korean company’s 2018 lineup of OLED and Super UHD TVs denounced during CES this week in Las Vegas.


Auto-calibration is not new in a universe of consumer TVs. Notably, Panasonic started providing it on their now-defunct plasmas, and Samsung assimilated a ravel final year… both in and with SpectraCal (who has given been acquired by Portrait Displays). But by directly accessing a underlying 3D LUT (look-up table), LG has truly taken it to a subsequent level.

Let us explain because this is so revolutionary. If you’ve been a reader on this site for some volume of time, you’ll know that we are clever advocates of arrangement calibration to finetune a colours so that they come as tighten as probable to what a directors and colourists are saying on their anxiety promote monitors. As distant as a complexity of calibration controls on domestic televisions is concerned, it started off with two-point white change (on tip of a common contrast, brightness, colour, stain and sharpness settings), afterwards ten-point or twenty-point, and surfaced off by modernized colour government complement (CMS) that lets veteran calibrators adjust a hue, superfluity and luminance of a 3 primary colours of red, immature and blue, as good as a 3 delegate colours of cyan, magenta and yellow. With any on-going step, a arrangement gets closer to reproducing a accurate same colours on veteran promote monitors.

This partnership between LG Electronics and Portrait Displays bypasses all these stairs by permitting a program to speak directly to a underlying tables and make a mind-boggling series of adjustments around a feedback loop. For a uninitiated, 3D LUT or look-up list is a bullion customary for video correctness within a film and promote industry: post-production houses muster 3D LUT possibly by an outmost 3D LUT box or internally on concordant promote monitors to grasp reference-level colours on their grading monitors.

And LG’s 2018 high-end OLEDs (such as a Wallpaper W8, “Picture-on-Glass” E8, as good as “Blade-Slim” C8 and B8) and LED LCDs are a initial consumer TVs to underline an inner 3D LUT that can be calibrated by Portrait Displays’ flagship CalMAN software, permitting them to compare a video fealty formerly usually accessible to veteran anxiety monitors. Once calibrated, these TVs will let owners see luminance and colours accurately as dictated by a director, enabling true knowledge of a artistic vision.

Delving into a specifics of a LGE-Portrait auto-calibration process, tie can be determined between a LG TV and a CalMAN program around Ethernet or Wifi. Eleven memory banks can be calibrated: 5 for SDR (Cinema, Expert 1, Expert 2, Game and Technicolor); 3 for HDR (HDR Cinema, HDR Game and HDR Technicolor); and 3 for Dolby Vision (DV Cinema Home, DV Cinema and DV Game). The SDR calibration uses 1D LUT and 33x33x33 3D LUT calibration (giving 30,000+ composition points); HDR uses 1D LUT for greyscale and 3×3 pattern for progression calibration; while Dolby Vision calibration uses 1D LUT and a config record procession as per 2017 sets.

The auto-calibration resolution underneath growth by Portrait Displays for LG Electronics is scheduled to be prepared during a same time a latter’s 2018 OLED and Super UHD TVs ship. Both parties are demonstrating a pre-release chronicle during CES in Las Vegas, and we will be there to be briefed.

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