LG Ditch 3D & Curved TV from 2017 OLED Lineup

LG Electronics has denounced a new lineup of OLED TVs during a CES 2017 consumer wiring trade uncover in Las Vegas this week, and unfortunately for any remaining fans of 3D movies, a South Korean manufacturer has assimilated many other TV brands in culling 3D from their 2017 OLEDs.


That’s right: nothing of LG’s new W7, G7, E7, C7 or B7 OLED models will support 3D, even yet we’ve been sensitive that a cost to exercise 3D capability is incremental during best. It’s such a large shame, given LG 4K OLED televisions had supposing by distant and divided a many overwhelming and immersive tri-dimensional observation knowledge we’ve witnessed from a direct-view display to date.

On LG’s 2015 and 2016 UHD (ultra high-definition) OLEDs, a onboard pacifist 3D record not usually worked with flicker-free polarized 3-D eyeglasses that – distinct a active-shutter reflection – did not need synchronisation or battery power, it also authorised for a amply splendid extra-dimensional image: we customarily totalled 110 cd/m2 rise white from a critically-acclaimed LG E6 after 3-D calibration. To put this figure into perspective, in 3D mode we’ve never extracted some-more than 50 cd/m2 from any active 3D TV including a brightest LED LCDs such as the Sony ZD9 or the Panasonic DX900/ DX902.

Now, polarized 3D filter routinely halves a straight resolution, yet on a 4K OLED this merely means that 2160p is downres-ed to 1080p that is a local fortitude of 3D Blu-rays anyway. Throw in OLED’s loyal blacks, abounding colours and deficiency of crosstalk (as prolonged as we lay within 13° of eye turn to a screen), and examination 3D Blu-ray films on an LG Ultra HD OLED TV is truly a steer to behold.

As many as we suffer 3D on LG 4K OLEDs, we know because a association has motionless to desert a format. Going forward, not many film studios are going to gold 4K HDR and 3D Blu-rays in one package, so many consumers will have to select between an Ultra HD Blu-ray and a 3D Blu-ray unless they are eager adequate to double-dip. And given HDR itself delivers a surpassing clarity of abyss due to light directionality, and HDR’s advantages are simply manifest yet a need to wear additional goggles, many buyers will collect adult a 4K UHD version, giving film studios even reduction inducement to recover 3D Blu-rays in a future.

Nevertheless, we do consider that had LG persisted with 3D this year, it could turn a singular offered indicate (USP) generally among 3D enthusiasts who have amassed stacks of 3D Blu-ray discs, yet alas, that’s not a case. As of today, a best three-dimensional design peculiarity can be found on a effusive LG C6, E6 and G6 OLED televisions, so if 3D is critical to you, we advise we obstacle one before batch runs out.

Also left from LG’s 2017 OLED ranges are winding screens (even a C7 will have a prosaic panel), yet we think really few will strew a rip over this omission. After all, even Samsung – positively a fiercest disciple of winding TVs – has motionless to position a flat-screen Q9F as a flagship QLED TV for a year ahead.

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