IOGEAR Announces Availability of High-Performance Wireless …

a manufacturer of innovative information record products for
consumers and organizations of varying sizes, currently announced the
accessibility of name members of a renouned portfolio of
high-performance wireless audio/video (A/V) solutions by Best Buy
(NYSE: BBY) and Best Buy Magnolia stores nationwide.

Beginning subsequent week, Best Buy stores national will lift a following
IOGEAR A/V solutions:

  • Wireless
    HD TV Connection Kit
    (GWHDBBKIT)– Wirelessly transmits
    HDMI video during resolutions adult to 1080p @ 60Hz over distances adult to 150
    feet between a source and arrangement expelling a cost and time
    compulsory to run cables. The Plug-n-Play solution, that includes a
    conductor and receiver that come firmly paired, supports Infrared
    (IR) remote to control a source device from a TV.
  • Wireless
    Display Connection Kit
    (GWHDKITD) – Features a
    dongle-type conductor that allows users to broadcast A/V signals from
    a laptop to an HDMI projector over distances adult to 75 feet
  • Wireless
    Screen Sharing and Miracast Kit
    (GWSSKIT) – Enables
    users to wirelessly arrangement audio and video calm from a smartphone,
    inscription or laptop to an HDTV, HD projector or HD display. Full HD 1080p
    video fortitude can be transmitted wirelessly over distances adult to 50

“Wireless A/V solutions are flourishing in recognition as some-more consumers
turn wakeful how simply they can enhance their observation locations while
streaming HD or 4K peculiarity audio and video but a con of wires,”
settled Joseph Zhang, Director of Product Management for IOGEAR. “The
far-reaching accessibility of IOGEAR’s wireless A/V solutions in Best Buy and
Magnolia/Best Buy stores brings these solutions to a forefront of a
flourishing market.”

For high-end home museum environments versed with a latest HD
apparatus and displays, name Magnolia/Best Buy stores opposite the
republic will lift a following wireless HD solutions:

  • Wireless
    4K @ 30Hz Video Extender with Local Pass Through
    – Eliminates a restrictions of HDMI wire lengths and wirelessly
    streaming 4K calm with stereo audio adult to 150 feet by walls
    and doors but sacrificing design or sound quality. IR
    pass-through allows users to control their source inclination from
    wherever they are watching.
  • Expandable
    Wireless HDTV Connection Kit With 2 Receivers
    – A CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree, this fortitude enables users to
    wirelessly bond adult to dual (2) HDMI TVs to one HDMI outlay source.
    The solution, that supports a transmittion of HD resolutions adult to
    1080p over distances adult to 150 feet, can be stretched to bond adult to
    10 HDTVs to 10 opposite selectable HDMI video sources with additional
    transmitters or receivers. Utilizing a dedicated 802.11ac wireless
    connection, a Plug-n-Play pack comes pre-paired and prepared with
    wireless confidence enabled. IR pass-through allows a user to control
    any HDMI video source with a existent remote control.

IOGEAR’s portfolio of high-performance A/V solutions lift limited
one-year warranties. For some-more information on IOGEAR’s A/V products or
a other innovative, award-winning, connectivity solutions, please
and follow a association on Twitter,
and YouTube.


IOGEAR, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., manufactures innovative
information record products for consumers and organizations of
varying sizes that are designed to assistance confederate technologies in
bland life, share resources and diminution confusion during home, work and

IOGEAR meets a accumulation of user needs by charity a extended operation of
solutions including: KVMs, A/V and Digital Home, Computer Accessories,
Networking, Mobility, and Gaming.

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