How To Cut The Cord: The Best HDTV Antennas

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It’s ironic using the phrase “cutting the cord” when talking about replacing your cable television service with one or more streaming video or live television services. In most cases, you’re still going to need a way to funnel streaming content directly to your television. And that will require an actual cord.

Regardless, cutting and running from cable one is both easy and inexpensive, and you may already own the necessary components.

If live local television is a must, then you should consider an HD antenna, the modern-day version of the old-school “rabbit ears” from the dear dead days before cable. Just plug them into your TV and watch as free high-definition over-the-air channels roll in. It won’t allow you to watch streaming videos, but it’s the cheapest and most straightforward solution for local broadcast stations and, as such, is ideal for news and sports.

Here are the some top HD antennas of 2019:

Mohu Leaf Metro

If you’re looking for an antenna to use a compact space, the Leaf Metro is a good choice. Not only is it small and thin, but it is also reversible. You can choose between having a white or black outward-facing side, or you can paint it any color you like, which gives you even more flexibility in concealing it. The Leaf Metro supports 4K digital playback. However, with a relatively short 25-mile range, it is designed for people who live in cities or at least close to a broadcast tower.

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Mohu Releaf

Concerned about your impact on the environment? Here is a rare example of a product that not only delivers the performance you desire but also satisfies your need to be eco-friendly, too. Unlike the standard Leaf, the 4K-ready ReLeaf is made of recycled, post-consumer cardboard and chlorine-free colors, as is the packaging it comes in. The cables and plastic components are made with crushed and ground-up bits of recycled cable boxes. It also has a slightly larger range—30 miles.

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Clearstream Eclipse

The Clearstream Eclipse is a small yet powerful antenna with a novel circular design. The Eclipse may not offer 4K video, but its consistently sharp picture makes it ideal for HDTV owners who want local channels. Like the Metro, the Eclipse is two-sided—black or white—to match your decor. Like the Metro, the Eclipse (which has a range of 35 miles) can be painted to be a discreet addition to any room.

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U Must Have Amplified HD Digital Antenna

No, you’re not misreading the brand name. It’s odd. U Must Have’s Amplified HD Digital Antenna supports 4K video and can capture signals from 65 to 80 miles away. It comes with everything you need to install it, including an 18-foot coaxial cable.

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Pingbingding Outdoor HD Antenna

Outside big city limits, it can be difficult to pick up a digital signal. This Pingbingding will capture up to 4K-quality video from over 100 miles away. An outdoor model, you’ll need to adjust the antenna periodically to ensure a clear picture. To facilitate this process, the system comes with a wireless remote that allows you to rotate it from the comfort of your living room.

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1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna

This is a simple, indoor antenna that offers everything you need to connect to a TV, including a 10-foot coaxial cable and adhesive patches for mounting. It has a 50-mile range and included amplifier, all for a reasonable price. However, it can be an inconsistent performer.

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