HD TV 2017 Buying Guide: Sony, LG, Samsung And Panasonic …

Image: Samsung

Thinking of picking adult a new HD TV? Here are all a pricing, recover dates, specs and facilities for any large brand’s 2017 TV lineup. This years TVs are pulling a pouch on pattern peculiarity and device connectivity, while pulling a form cause even further.

It’s a informed story on TV this year — any association is pulling to go sleeker and some-more stylish, display off TVs with brighter colours and blacker blacks and approach some-more connectivity.

While many facilities have been defended from last year, let’s take a discerning demeanour during what’s new for TV screens this year.

What’s New This Year?

LG 2017 TV Range

Dolby Vision HDR

Dolby Vision is a new exclusive HDR standard, that requires TV manufacturers to be approved with Dolby, as good as requiring specific hardware in a TV to operate. At a moment, LG is one of usually a few manufacturers to support Dolby Vision HDR.

Image: LG

So what does it mean, exactly? Dolby Vision is arguably a best of a handful of HDR standards that embody a open HDR-10 standard, Technicolor HDR and Hybrid Log Gamma. Dolby goes serve than a required technology, recalibrating a shade for any stage in a film for a top-quality picture. The downside, of course, is that it requires hardware support on all ends — in your TV, in your Blu-ray actor and in a calm you’re examination — to indeed get that benefit.

Wallpaper TV

LG led final year with a ultra slim ‘picture-on-glass’ design, and this year it’s gripping adult a trend with a new 4mm thick ‘Wallpaper TV’. The signature super-thin TV comes with a 65″ OLED screen, while a 77″ indication is a tiny thicker during 5.7mm. These super slim TVs are of march versed with a best in pattern peculiarity — ancillary Active HDR with Dolby Vision.

Image: LG

WebOS 3.5

Last year, LG upgraded a built-in OS to 3.0 in a vital upgrade. This year we’re usually going adult half a step, though you’ll still see some improvements on a 2016 system. This time it’s all designed around streaming — including Netflix, Stan, Amazon Video and Youtube — with combined support for 360 video.

WebOS 3.5 comes with a hardware refurbish that means a whole complement will run faster by adult to 40 per cent if LG can be believed. It’s also some-more secure — a initial intelligent TV height to be approved secure underneath UL’s 900-1 Cybersecurity Assurance Program. In an age where uncertain internet-connected appliances can pave a approach for large botnets that are able of holding down a internet, this kind of confidence is an critical upgrade.

Image: LG

Samsung 2017 TV Range


Last year we listened copiousness about Samsung’s quantum dot shade tech, and this year it’s got a new, catchier name: QLED. The moniker stands for “quantum dot LED TV” in Samsung’s possess words, and looks noticeably identical to a some-more informed OLED shade record — however a dual are particularly opposite forms of screens.

While OLED (standing for ‘organic light emitting diode’) is a graphic form of record that stands detached from LCD screens, QLED is still essentially an LCD shade — notwithstanding with quantum dot technology. So QLED is not, as it sounds, an ascent from OLED — rather it’s an ascent from Samsung’s possess SUHD branding. QLED does have some advantages over a OLED competitors, however — such as a thespian boost in rise brightness, something that creates a large disproportion in observation HDR content.

Image: Samsung

Samsung’s QLED operation is all 4K, of course, and interestingly comes in both winding and prosaic row models — notwithstanding a abating direct for winding screens over a past few years.

More HDR, More 4K:

This year roughly all of Samsung’s TV operation is 4K UHD, and any 4K TV will also be ancillary HDR. Samsung has selected to support a HDR10+ and HLG HDR formats, though it’s not one of a manufacturers that’s jumped on house with Dolby Vision. HDR 10+ is an prolongation on a open HDR 10 format, an ascent that indeed works utterly likewise to Dolby Vision by permitting calm to be encoded with energetic metadata, so improving HDR playback.

Image: Samsung

Of march as with other HDR formats, HDR 10+ has to be upheld on a calm side, and now Samsung is a usually manufacturer regulating it. However a adoption of a format is mostly due to a company’s support for an open, royalty-free customary — that is not a box for a exclusive Dolby Vision format.

Panasonic 2017 TV Range

Master OLED

Panasonic is jumping into a OLED ravel this year, fasten a likes of LG with a considerable Master OLED range. In OLED screens, any pixel produces a possess light, bypassing a need for a backlights that LCD screens require. With a 77-inch and 65-inch model, Panasonic’s Master OLED screens are also, of course, 4K.

Image: Panasonic

While it’s not singular in charity OLED screens, Panasonic claims a knowledge in technologically identical plasma televisions has helped it to fine-tune a new, top-of-the-line OLEDs. To this end, it’s braggadocio dual new quality-boosting facilities in a top-end TVs.

Absolute Black and Dynamic Blade

The dual new facilities Panasonic hopes will set a reward TVs aside from a rest are a Absolute Black Filter and Dynamic Blade Sound. The former is usually what it sounds like — a filter works to revoke glisten and urge a display of blacks on screen. With greyish-looking blacks a famous debility with OLED screens, a Absolute Black Filter could infer a profitable item for picky videophiles.

The Dynamic Blade Speaker is a entirely integrated orator that houses over 14 opposite orator units (“eight woofers, 4 squawkers and dual tweeters, and a quad pacifist radiator to boost bass”) in a slim profile. We’re not certain if it’ll be adequate to aver skipping a combined sound system, however.

Image: Panasonic

Multi-HDR Support

While final year was a year when HDR unequivocally came into prominence, this year is a year of HDR format wars. We’ve already overwhelmed on Dolby Vision HDR, one of LG’s upheld formats, though Panasonic is jumping on a few opposite formats.

Firstly, Panasonic’s HDR models are entirely concordant with a open HDR10 customary — used by calm creators such as Netflix and Amazon Video. They’re also concordant with a delegate Hybrid Log Gamma or HLG format grown in tandem by Japanese broadcaster NHK and a BBC. Panasonic is also introducing a 4K HDR gaming mode, with a idea being to urge opening and cut down on submit loiter when personification graphically complete games — something you’ll be saying a lot some-more of in newly upgraded consoles such as a PS4 Pro.

Sony 2017 TV Range

Bravia OLED

Panasonic isn’t a usually association jumping on house with OLED screens this year — Sony is rising a initial 4K HDR Bravia OLED this year, roughly a decade after it initial dabbled in a record with a tiny, expensive, world-first OLED TV.

Incorporating an LG-manufactured panel, we can design a same kind of visible peculiarity as other OLEDs on a market. Sony’s LCD panels will still advantage from a manufacturer’s Slim Backlight Drive tech, of course, though a OLEDs offer a step adult in colour and contrast.

Image: Sony

Acoustic Surface
The further that sets a Bravia OLEDs aside from a competitors is a record Sony calls “Acoustic Surface” — an audio complement designed to beget sound directly from a shade itself. As a OLED screens don’t need a backlight, a radical orator record is designed privately for these new, high-end models. While it’s an engaging tender in theory, we’re watchful to see how it’ll work out in practice.

Image: Sony

HDR Compatibility
While many of Sony’s screens even in a some-more affordably labelled ranges will support HDR, a top-line OLED and LCD screens will support Dolby’s sealed HDR format, Dolby Vision. We overwhelmed on Dolby Vision quickly above underneath LG, one of a few other TV manufacturers to furnish hardware approved for Dolby’s reward format.

How To Calibrate Your TV And Make It Look Better

So you’ve usually bought yourself a new TV. Whether it’s an entrance turn HD TV, a state-of-the-art 4K row or something in-between, a second we set it up, there are a few tiny tweaks that we can do to make it demeanour improved than it already does. You can spend 0 dollars on this or we can spend a integrate of hundred, though a outcome that we get will be a conspicuous improvement.

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Complete 2017 TV Lineup

Sony TVs

  • A1E Series (65” and 55” Class model) 4K HDR OLED TV
  • X94E Series (75” Class model) 4K HDR TV
  • X93E Series (65” and 55” Class models) 4K HDR TV
  • X90E Series (75”, 65”, 55”, and 49” Class models) 4K HDR TV
  • X85E Series (75”, 65”, and 55”Class models) 4K HDR TV
  • X80E Series (49”, and 43” Class models) 4K HDR TV
  • W660E Series (49”, 40″ and 32” Class models) Full HD LED HDR TV

Samsung TVs

    Q9F Series 4K QLEDs

  • QA88Q9FAMWXXY 88 inches, QHDR 1500
  • QA75Q9FAMWXXY 75 inches, QHDR 2000
  • QA65Q9FAMWXXY 65 inches, QHDR 2000
  • Q8C Series Curved Screen 4K QLEDs

  • QA75Q8CAMWXXY 75 inches, QHDR 1500
  • QA65Q8CAMWXXY 65 inches, QHDR 1500
  • QA55Q8CAMWXXY 55 inches, QHDR 1500
  • Q7F Series 4K QLEDs

  • QA75Q8CAMWXXY 75 inches, QHDR 1500
  • QA65Q8CAMWXXY 65 inches, QHDR 1500
  • QA55Q8CAMWXXY 55 inches, QHDR 1500
  • MU9000 Series Curved 4K UHD LEDs

  • UA65MU9000WXXY 65 inches, HDR 1000
  • UA55MU9000WXXY 55 inches, HDR 1000
  • MU8000 Series Curved 4K UHD LEDs

  • UA65MU8000WXXY 65 inches, HDR 1000
  • UA55MU8000WXXY 55 inches, HDR 1000
  • MU7000 Series 4K UHD LEDs

  • UA82MU7000WXXY 82 inches, HDR EXTREME
  • UA75MU7000WXXY 75 inches, HDR EXTREME
  • UA65MU7000WXXY 65 inches, HDR 1000
  • UA55MU7000WXXY 55 inches, HDR 1000
  • MU6400 Series 4K UHD LEDs

  • UA65MU6400WXXY 65 inches, HDR
  • UA55MU6400WXXY 55 inches, HDR
  • UA49MU6400WXXY 49 inches, HDR
  • MU6300 Series Curved 4K UHD LEDs

  • UA65MU6300WXXY 65 inches, HDR
  • UA55MU6300WXXY 55 inches, HDR
  • MU6100 Series 4K UHD LEDs

  • UA75MU6100WXXY 75 inches, HDR
  • UA65MU6100WXXY 65 inches, HDR
  • UA55MU6100WXXY 55 inches, HDR
  • UA50MU6100WXXY 50 inches, HDR
  • UA43MU6100WXXY 43 inches, HDR
  • M5500 Series HD LED

  • UA43M5500AWXXY 43 inches
  • UA32M5500AWXXY 32 inches


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Image: LG
Image: LG

Panasonic TVs

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Image: Panasonic

We’ve focused a coverage on a 4 large mainstream TV brands now handling in Australia. If anyone wants to representation in and offer their opinion on another manufacturer — be it cut-priced or fan — let us know all about it in a comments!

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