Dr. Joe Flaherty, Icon of TV Innovation and CBS Technology Stalwart, Dies during 87

On Aug 7, 2018, a radio attention saw a flitting of a loyal record icon, Dr. Joseph A. Flaherty, during a age of 87. Television viewers around a creation are still benefiting from a record innovations of Joe Flaherty.

Dr. Flaherty perceived his grade in Physics from Rockhurst College, Kansas, City, Missouri, in 1952.  During 1953-1954, he served with a U.S. Army Signal Corps, and in 1955 assimilated NBC in New York City as a Television Engineer.

In 1957, he assimilated CBS as a Television Design Engineer.  In 1959, he became a Network’s Director of Technical Facilities Planning, and in 1967, he was promoted to General Manager, and subsequently allocated Vice President and General Manager of a Engineering and Development Department, a position he hold for 23 years, and afterwards CBS Senior Vice President of Technology.

In a 1970’s, Joe revolutionized a radio news attention by changing a routine by that news stories were captured. His foreknowledge led to a deputy of 16 mm film to accumulate news, supplanting it with Electronic News Gathering (ENG), thereby expelling a perfected and time-consuming routine of exposing a film negative, transporting a film to a station, building a film and transferring a film to television. The growth of ENG enabled TV viewers to knowledge a world’s events in real-time, rather than examination story unfold, so expelling a locate phrase, “film during 11 PM”.

In a early 1980’s, Joe began building High Definition Television (HDTV). On Feb 7th, 1981, he demonstrated “Hi-Vision” or HDTV to a Hollywood prolongation village during a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer’s (SMPTE) annual technical conference.

At initial US display of HDTV during a SMPTE technical discussion in 1981, (from left) Joseph Flaherty, Francis Ford Coppola, Joseph Polansky, Takashi Fujio

This led to Joe’s appointment as a Chairman of a Planning Committee for a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, that constructed a United States benefaction day Digital High Definition System. His efforts done a United States a initial nation in a universe to modify to a digital HDTV system. Not confident with revolutionizing a radio complement in America, Joe became a Television Technology Ambassador to a world. Joe’s pull for a worldwide HDTV module sell customary during a United Nation’s technical arm, a International Telecommunication Union (ITU), led to a fast deployment of HDTV on a worldwide basis.

Joe also challenged and successfully assured a Hollywood prolongation village to reinstate 16 / 35 mm film, used for primary time radio production, with HDTV electronic merger and postproduction. Today, all primary time radio dramas and comedies are electronically prisoner and edited in HDTV.

Joe was an active author and lecturer, presenting over 188 published papers and lectures during his career. Joe’s record care was not usually concurred in America, though via a universe by a display of countless vital Broadcasting awards and honors including:

  • Honorary Member of a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE’s – top award), and a SMPTE Progress Medal Award, David Sarnoff Gold Medal.
  • Four Technical Emmy Awards – a growth of Electronic Newsgathering (ENG), growth and designation of a initial Digital Computer Automation System, Electronic Editing System of Film Capture, Vidifont electronic impression generator.
  • Two Personal Life Time Achievement Emmy Awards – The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences “Lifetime Achievements in Contributions to a Development and Improvement of a Science and Technology of Television”, and a “Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award” from a Academy of Television Arts Sciences in Hollywood.
  • National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Engineering Award.
  • NAB’s “Award of Honor” for “Introducing High Definition Television to a World”.
  • “Giants of Broadcasting” endowment from a Library of American Broadcasting.
  • Broadcasting Cable Magazine “Hall of Fame” Inductee.
  • Consumer Electronics Association “Hall of Fame” Inductee.
  • Two French Legion of Honors – Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur by President Mitterand of a Republic of France and in l989 he was flashy as a Chevalier de l’Ordre  des Arts et des Lettres and after promoted to a arrange of Officer de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur by French President Jacques Chirac.
  • Swiss Montreux Achievement Gold Medal for Electronic News Gathering.
  • Fellow of a British Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).
  • Fellow of a Royal Television Society of a United Kingdom.
  • Fellow of a Chinese Institute of Electronics.
  • Honorary Member of a German engineering multitude Fernseh-Kinotechnischen Gesellschaft (FKTG).
  • Honorary Members of a Institute of Television Engineers of Japan.
  • International Vladimir Zworykin endowment for Technical Achievements in a margin of Television from a Russian National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters.

Dr. Joseph Flaherty’s lifetime of radio creation is unmatched in a radio industry. His efforts have brought real-time tellurian events into a vital bedrooms and by a clarity of HDTV done a spectator feel “as if they were there”. If anyone is to be credited with formulating a “Television Global Village”, it’s Joe Flaherty. Thank we Joe, for being a Television Technology Ambassador to a world.

Flaherty is survived by his mother Jan Flaherty, his sons Patrick, Daniel, Michael, Timothy, daughter Margaret and 8 grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements for Joe Flaherty:
Visitation: Monday, Aug 13, 2-6 p.m.
Horton-Mathie Funeral Home
735 First Street
Greenport, NY 11944

Funeral Mass: Tuesday, Aug 14, 10 a.m.
St. Agnes Church
523 Front Street
Greenport, NY 11944

Burial will be private during Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY

In lieu of flowers, commemorative donations can be sent to:
Community Fund of Peconic Landing
1500 Brecknock Road
Greenport, NY 11944

St. Agnes Church
523 Front Street
Greenport, NY 11944

Or give to your favorite soup kitchen or homeless shelter

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