Cut the cord and pick up the discounted Mohu Blade HDTV Antenna instead

Once you’ve finally cut your cable company out of your life, you’ll quickly realize you didn’t need them after all. The Mohu Blade HDTV Antenna can help you see the light, and today it’s on sale at Amazon for just $29.54. That’s the lowest we’ve ever seen it reach; it’s normally sold for up to $50 otherwise.

With this antenna, you’ll be able to access high definition over-the-air TV channels for free within a 40-mile radius without a cable or satellite subscription. Some of the channels you should be able to receive include ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and The CW, however the channels it can pick up will depend on what’s being broadcast nearby.

You can visit Mohu’s website to check which channels are available in your area for the Blade antenna. I see 49 channels around my area, which is a lot to be able to watch whenever after a simple one-time payment.

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