Black Friday 2017 TV Deals: Price Predictions For 4K & HDTVs

With Black Friday 2017  just over a month divided (Nov. 24), many consumers are combing a internet in hunt of leaked sales ads and deals to design this selling season. With TVs ranking during a tip of a list for many Christmas shoppers, retailers customarily offer their deepest discounts on these desired equipment starting right after your Thanksgiving Dinner. To assistance shoppers get a improved thought of what kinds of deals they can design to find on TVs, including 4K offerings this Black Friday,  we’ve put together a list of predictions formed on sales and deals charity final Black Friday. We’ve orderly it in a approach we wish you’ll find useful. As we accept some-more information about Black Friday 2017 deals including specific prices, retailers and sale start times, we’ll continue to supplement to this post. If you’ve come opposite a Black Friday understanding on TVs that we wish to share with others, be certain to post in a comments below.

Black Friday Deals 2017: TV Price Predictions

black, Friday, 2017, deals, tv, when, is, black, Friday, Walmart, sales, best, buy, target, hdtv, 4k, amazon, leaked, ads Walmart was one of several retailers charity doorbuster deals on TVs in their Black Friday sales ads final year. Expect to see Black Friday 2017 TV doorbuster deals trickle onto a internet this year as well. Photo: Walmart

Quick Tips

  • 50 Inch TVs are approaching to see a deepest discounts, with name code offerings as low as $200. 
  • 60” TVs and incomparable are approaching see a smallest discounts.
  • Some 4K TV sales might dump as low as HDTVs.
  • Best retailers to watch –   Walmart, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Costco, Amazon, Target
  • Black Friday Sales on TVs will be improved than Cyber Monday
  • Look for deals early – Most sales will start on Thanksgiving night yet some retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon start charity daily deals as early as Nov 1

Black Friday 2017 TV Deals Overview

  • 32” TV:  $70 – $125 
  • 40” TV:  $120 – $150 
  • 42/43” TV:  $140 – $200 
  • 49/50” TV:  $175 – $200 
  • 55” TV:  $225 and up
  • 60” TV:  $325 and up
  • 65” TV:  $500 and up
  • 70” TV:  $750 and up

32” 720p/1080p Price Predictions

Last year, flatscreen TVs flattering many strike stone bottom, and while we might not see prices on smaller televisions dropping serve than they did final year, you’re still expected to obstacle one for around $100. According to, one of a best deals on 32” TVs was an off-brand Avera for only $69.99 on Amazon. For those who cite a to go with a name code offering, you’ll be shelling out scarcely twice as many as final year, BJ’s sole a Vizio 32″ 720p LED HDTV for $124.99 and Walmart sole a TCL 32″ 720p Roku Smart TV for $125.

40” 720p/1080p Price Predictions

While prices on 40” TVs didn’t see a thespian cost dump in a final few years, we can still design to cut during slightest $50 off a cost during Black Friday sales. Last year Walmart brought a best understanding on a 40” television, charity a Hisense or Element indication for only $125. While we could presumably see 40” TVs dump to $120 this Black Friday, don’t design anything jaw-dropping for off code TVs. The good news yet is that reward brands shouldn’t cost a whole lot some-more as final year Best Buy charity a LG 40″ 1080p LED HDTV for only $149.99.

42/43” 720p/1080p Price Predictions

Though 42- 43 in. TVs might seem to be an ungainly in-between size, we indeed saw sales and deals on utterly a few of these models final year, with off brands as low as $140 and name code LG models as low as $199. Once again, this distance of radio won expected see any outrageous deviations from final year’s sales pricing, yet we could see them dump an additional $5.

49/50” 720p/1080p Price Predictions

When it comes to TVs many of us consider bigger is improved and so it’s no consternation 50-inch televisions are some of a many sought-after and many deeply ignored televisions during Black Friday sales. Last year 50-inch radio served as vital attractors as many retailers featured them in their doorbuster deals. Last year off-brand offerings were accessible for as low as $199 — a 50% bonus off sell pricing. For 2017 however, analysts design to see even reward code 50” TVs going for $200 while off-brands might come in as low as $175. 

55” 720p/1080p Price Predictions

Like 50-inch models, a 55-60 in. are expected to see some good discounts this Black Friday as well. Last year a 55″ 1080p Smart LED HDTV went for as low as $249.99 during Best Buy. This year we could see these sizes dump as low as $225.

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