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There’s zero utterly like sitting down during home to watch a film or TV uncover on a big-screen TV. And now that 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) is apropos commonplace, upgrading your TV will meant that movies, sports and games demeanour crisper, brighter and softened than ever before. However, when there are so many opposite models, sizes and resolutions to collect from, anticipating a best TV for your vital room – and your bill – isn’t always easy.

On this page, you’ll find all of a endorsed models, as good as links to any particular examination for some-more in-depth analysis. Scroll down and you’ll find a shopping guide, that takes we by all we need to know about anticipating a right TV for you, starting from that widen TV is right for your room, and detailing all a facilities we need to demeanour out for. If you’re not utterly certain where to start, this beam is an useful primer. 

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If you’ve not upgraded your TV for a few years, afterwards you’re expected to be agreeably surprised: a new TV can do many some-more than usually balance into BBC One HD. As good as a glorious pattern peculiarity we can pattern from complicated 4K sets, many complicated TVs have built-in Wi-Fi that move Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Now TV and Amazon Instant Video approach to your loll yet a faff and bitch of cables and outmost streaming boxes. Now we can watch films in 4K, HDR, and locate adult on a HD radio broadcasts you’ve missed yet carrying to strech for a PC or Blu-ray player. 

How to buy a right TV for you

If you’ve been perusing a list of a best TVs and have found that a best reviewed models are too large for your room, or for your budget, afterwards a word to a wise: many TV models come in several opposite sizes. If we demeanour subsequent any of a endorsed TVs, you’ll find a list inventory that sizes any indication is accessible in. If we like a demeanour of one of a 65in models here, yet unequivocally wish a 55in TV, afterwards simply take your pick. Barring those shade widen differences, any indication has matching specifications so we can be assured that pattern peculiarity will be many matching opposite a range. This means we can use a reviews to make a shopping preference for any TV in a range, not usually a accurate indication we’ve reviewed. 

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What widen TV should we buy?

The widen of a TV we buy will be commanded not indispensably by a widen of your room, yet rather how distant divided we intend to sit. If we wish to get a full advantage from a 4K HDR set, afterwards we need to lay nearby adequate to concede your eyes to see a augmenting pattern clarity on offer. Buying a 4K TV that’s too tiny for your room competence meant that it won’t demeanour many softened than a many cheaper 1080p TV. 

If you’re not certain what widen we need, afterwards magnitude a widen between your common seating position and your tide TV. You competence be astounded during how tighten we need to lay to a 4K TV as compared to an comparison 1080p set. For a 50in 4K TV, a endorsed observation widen is 5ft or less; for a 65in 4K TV, it’s 6.5ft or less. You can, of course, lay serve divided if we wish, yet unless your eyesight is softened than 20/20, we competence onslaught to see a disproportion between customary Full HD calm and bona-fide 4K Ultra HD material.

If we wish to find a right widen for your room, then head on over to a beam where we can find a list of a scold TV sizes to buy. 

What TV fortitude do we need? 

High-definition TVs now tumble into dual categories: Full HD, differently famous as 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) and Ultra HD, that is mostly referred to as 4K (3,840 x 2,160). In a same approach that we could contend 1080p is twice a fortitude of 720p, 4K is 4 times a fortitude of 1080p. There’s also cinematic 4K or DCI 4K (4,096 x 2,160), that is what we see in a cinema, yet many of a time a 4K TV refers to a Ultra HD fortitude rather than a cinematic one – DCI 4K is something you’ll see frequency outward a realms of veteran monitors and cinema-quality projectors. These days, though, usually a cheapest TVs utilize a Full HD resolution. It’s been several years given any manufacturer actively sent us a Full HD TV for review.

There are copiousness of ways to watch 4K TV and cinema these days. Streaming services Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are adding some-more and some-more shows to their 4K lineup any month; an augmenting series of cinema are now accessible on 4K Blu-ray discs; and games consoles are increasingly embracing 4K as a decisive standard. If gaming is one of your tip priorities, afterwards take a examination of a beam where we explain how to collect a best TVs for gaming. When it comes to personification a latest games in 4K and HDR, it pays make a right choice.

And if you’re meditative about streaming 4K calm around a internet, bear in mind that you’ll need a sincerely discerning broadband internet connection. Netflix, for instance, can broach 4K video during a limit bit rate of 15.6Mbit/sec and support rates adult to 60fps. By approach of comparison, 1080p Netflix calm is now delivered during a limit of 5.8Mbit/sec. However, while many complicated 4K TVs come with a built-in Netflix app, usually some support Amazon Instant Video, so it’s critical to check that intelligent TV apps are accessible before we buy.

Do we need a 3D TV?

No. 3D has died a genocide in a TV market. For a time, 3D was a must-have underline for any self-respecting mid- to high-end TV, yet it usually didn’t locate on with consumers. Instead, TV manufacturers have dumped 3D in foster of 4K and HDR support, and sources of 3D calm are in brief supply.

If you’re looking during sets that still have 3D capability, afterwards there are some differences to demeanour out for. One of a pivotal differences is a series of bundled eyeglasses that comes with any set. In terms of a record employed, 3D TVs are some-more expected to use active shiver eyeglasses that are battery powered and recharge over USB than a pacifist 3D record found in cinemas, yet there are a few exceptions. The fibre of a 3D image, and either or not shade flutter is visible, is dynamic by a efficacy of a TV’s 3D glasses. 

Should we buy a winding shade TV? 

If you’re on a hunt for a new TV and have been eyeing adult Samsung’s offerings, chances are you’ve come opposite a winding shade variety. The problem is, many new TV business aren’t utterly informed what a advantages of a winding screen. Samsung lists many, yet it would, wouldn’t it. Nevertheless, not meaningful for certain can lead to difficulty over what to buy. But thankfully, we’re here to advise you.

The categorical offered indicate to shopping a TV with a winding shade is that they offer a softened clarity of immersion, as a pattern you’re examination seems to ‘wrap around’ you, entering somewhat some-more into your marginal prophesy and so sketch we deeper into whatever you’re watching. Some fans of winding shade TVs also note that there is a softened clarity of abyss involved, with images appearing 3D even yet a source is 2D. This is since curving a edges of a pattern towards a spectator improves a visible notice of abyss in what you’re watching. While this all sounds great, there is however a vital obstacle with winding shade TVs: a emanate of reflections.

Many winding shade TV business have bloody a record for picking adult and clearly increase any spark of light in a room, creation it formidable to see images if a TV’s sourroundings has many approach light sources. This is really value gripping in mind when shopping a TV, generally if we like your vital room good lit.

The best TVs to buy in 2017

1. Samsung UE65KS9500: The best TV we can buy 

Price when reviewed: £2,899 (65in)

It’s formidable to exaggerate utterly how good a Samsung UE65KS9500 is. There are few TVs out there that can do probity to 4K HDR calm like this TV can – apart, maybe, from a Panasonic that you’ll find subsequent in a second mark – and a formula have to be seen to be believed. 

The winding shade is partnered with sharp pattern and good looks, and nonetheless a KS9500 is a tad chunkier than opposition sets around a rear, that’s for good reason. The additional girth hides an FALD (full array internal dimming) backlight that allows a Samsung to yield super-bright HDR highlights opposite a 65in row while delivering startling contrariety and deep, sleek blacks. Gaming responsiveness is best in class, too, that is a bonus.

There are a few teenager gripes here and there, yet zero critical adequate to hit a Samsung KS9500 off a tip spot. This is a TV to die for.

Read a full Samsung UE65KS9500 examination for details

Image of Samsung UE65KS9500 Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR 65 Curved LED TV

Samsung UE65KS9500 Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR 65″ Curved LED TV

Buy now

2. Panasonic Viera TX-58DX902B: Near-perfection from Panasonic’s flagship TV

Price when reviewed: £2,800 (58in)

Panasonic TX-58DX902B lifestyle

The Panasonic Viera TX-58DX902B spent a prolonged time during a tip of a Best TVs guide. It’s positively not cheap, yet Panasonic has delivered a 4K HDR philharmonic like few others. In a new corresponding shootout conducted by, a TX-58DX902B usually mislaid out really narrowly to Samsung’s mighty UE65KS9500 (see above) – sufficient to say, if you’re looking for a really glorious TV we can find, we owe it to your eyeballs to take a demeanour during the Viera TX-58DX8902B.

The pleasing pattern opening is partly due to how good it controls a backlight, as it has 512 divided tranquil zones in a honeycomb grid. This means there’s rebate light steam between zones permitting for softened contrast. The radio has been rated Ultra HD Premium and it displays Ultra HD HDR calm wonderfully. Its upscaling is also glorious interjection to a Studio Master HCX+ chip, that creates non-HDR Full HD calm demeanour gorgeous. The Viera TX-58DX8902B isn’t a utterly slim TV, yet a combined density does meant a speakers aren’t a skinny and unsatisfactory event mostly seen with flatscreen TVs. This is one of a glorious TVs you’ll ever applause eyes on, and if it weren’t for a Samsung UE65KS9500 it’d still be sitting flattering in a tip spot. 

Read a full Panasonic Viera TX-58DX902B examination for details 

Image of Panasonic TX-58DX902B 58 Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV

Panasonic TX-58DX902B 58 Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV

£1,599.00 Buy now

3. LG OLED55C7V: The best OLED TV to buy

Price when reviewed: £3,000 (55in)

LG has updated a operation of OLED TVs for 2017, and a outcome is stupendous. Image peculiarity has softened dramatically opposite a board, with liughtness holding a critical step adult from a prior generations. HDR cinema now demeanour overwhelming – OLED still lags behind LED-backlit LCD for ideal eye-popping brightness, yet a opening is squeezing steadily. You’re doubtful to care, however, as OLED’s ideal blacks and extraordinary contrariety hit a LG’s LCD rivals into touch. This is flattering many as good as it gets.

Factor in class-leading submit loiter for a ideal gaming knowledge alongside glorious integrated speakers and Dolby Atmos audio, and a LG OLED55C7V is £3,000 good spent. Best of all, as LG’s whole OLED TV family all share a same OLED row and pattern estimate engine, you’re guaranteed a same pattern peculiarity opposite a board. If we were meditative of striking £8,000+ on LG’s Wallpaper TV range, afterwards we competence wish to consider twice.

Read a LG OLED55C7V review

Buy a LG OLED55C7V from Currys

4. Sony Bravia KD-65ZD9: The brightest and best HDR opening yet

Price when reviewed: £3,999 (65in)

Sony’s Bravia ZD9 family doesn’t do things by halves. The cheapest indication in a operation offers a small 65in of 4K HDR attractiveness for a few pennies rebate than £4,000, yet if for some reason you’ve motionless that zero yet a 100in TV will do, we softened have a small some-more income to palm – around £60,000, to be precise. 

Whichever indication we choose, however, a ZD9 is a steer to behold. It’s a small chunkier than some of a super-slim rivals, yet this is since it employs 650 particular backlights, differently famous as dimming zones, that concede it to mix eye-searingly splendid highlights with a darkest, inkiest blacks. Rivals can trill it during a post for a some-more offset all-round opening – and a Android TV front-end is disappointingly clunky, too – yet one thing’s for sure: right now, Sony’s ZD9 serves adult a best HDR pattern peculiarity that you’ll see from any TV during any price.

Read our Sony Bravia KD-65ZD9 review

Buy a Sony Bravia KD-65ZD9 from John Lewis

5. Samsung UE55KS9000: The best winding 4K TV underneath £2,000

Price when reviewed: £1,999 (55in)

Samsung’s KS9000 is good honourable of a Ultra HD Premium acceptance – it’s a illusory TV by and through. Samsung has partnered Quantum Dot record with a latest 10-bit panel, so it’s means to arrangement a wider accumulation of colours, and a HDR support means Ultra HD Blu-rays demeanour fantastic. If you’re still not sole on a thought of a winding TV afterwards we competence presumably wish to approach your income towards one of a flat-screened competitors such as a Panasonic models here, yet we’d suggest we check it out if we can. You competence turn a convert.

At £1,999, it’s positively not cheap, yet it does come with a whole horde of intelligent TV apps, including Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, so we can tide calm in 4K as good – supposing we have a good adequate internet connection, that is. It also works seamlessly with Samsung’s UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

Read a full Samsung UE55KS9000 examination for details

Image of Samsung UE49KS9000 49-Inch Series 9 SUHD 4K Quantum Dot Display TV [Energy Class A+]

Samsung UE49KS9000 49-Inch Series 9 SUHD 4K Quantum Dot Display TV [Energy Class A+]

£999.00 Buy now

6. Panasonic Viera TX-40DX700B: The best 40in 4K TV for underneath £500

Price when reviewed: £800

Panasonic TX-40DX700B angle

As distant as affordable 4K TVs go, this Panasonic contingency certainly be adult there with a best. During contrast we were blown divided with a 4K pattern peculiarity and Full HD upscaling abilities. It’s an Accurate and healthy colours, glorious judder rebate and a outrageous array of image-adjustment options ticked all a boxes as distant as pattern peculiarity goes. 

It also comes with a decent preference of catch-up TV apps, as good as an easy pinning complement that lets we pin apps, sources and TV channels to your homescreen for really discerning access. You also get Freeview Play, a good EPG complement that lets we open programmes in a applicable catch-up TV app yet any faff.

Read a full Panasonic Viera TX-40DX700B examination for some-more details 

Image of Panasonic TX-40DX700B 40-inch 1400 Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Freeview Play (2016 Model) - Silver

Panasonic TX-40DX700B 40-inch 1400 Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Freeview Play (2016 Model) – Silver

£529.99 Buy now

7. Samsung UE49KS7000: The best 49in TV underneath £1,000

Price when reviewed: £1,099

If Samsung’s KS9000 is a small too expensive, afterwards a KS7000 should be your subsequent pier of call. It’s a lot cheaper than a flagship cousin, with a 49in indication we tested entrance in during usually over a grand, and it’s still a illusory TV for a money. 

For starters, it isn’t curved, and a accessible steel feet are a lot easier to set adult than a mount on a KS9000. It also has an Ultra HD Premium badge, so pattern peculiarity is tip notch, and we get all a same ports, intelligent apps and built-in streaming services. 

Read a full Samsung UE49KS7000 examination for some-more details 

Image of Samsung KS7000 49in 7 Series Flat SUHD Quantum Dot Ultra HD Premium HDR 1000 Smart TV

Samsung KS7000 49in 7 Series Flat SUHD Quantum Dot Ultra HD Premium HDR 1000 Smart TV

Buy now


8. Samsung UE65KS8000: The best 65in TV underneath £2,000

Price when reviewed: £1,999

If you’ve found yourself lusting after Samsung and Panasonic’s high-end TVs, yet simply can’t widen your bill utterly distant enough, afterwards don’t despondency – a Samsung UE65KS8000 gives we a ambience of that money-no-object pattern peculiarity in a 65in TV that costs a hair underneath £2,000. 

That’s a lot of money, granted, yet a opening opposite 4K, HDR and upscaled 1080P calm is nigh-on immaculate. You don’t get support for Dolby Vision, that is a teenager moan, though. Nevertheless, a HDR opening is still rarely considerable and a ultra-low submit loiter means that this is a glorious choice for big-screen gaming.

Read our Samsung UE65KS8000 examination for some-more details

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