Best HDMI Switchers & Splitters: Complete Buyer’s Guide 2019

You competence find that your TV is being overloaded with inputs from cable, games consoles, approximate sound systems and so on and we competence not have adequate HDMI ports to residence everything. The fortitude is to use an HDMI splitter or an HDMI switcher – these are neat tiny inclination that can concede we to bond some-more inclination by regulating one HDMI wire to your TV and afterwards plugging your other HDMI cables into a unit.

HDMI switchers concede we to barter source during a click of a button, many of these will also embody a remote so we can change sources regulating that also.

Another reason to use a switcher is to neat adult your cables, we can run one HDMI wire to your TV that can be secluded within a wall and afterwards block all your other inclination in, this creates certain we dont have a nest of cables regulating to your TV. It also allows we to constitute your consoles, DVD players divided from your TV itself.

Best HDMI Switchers  Splitters

In this beam we will be holding a demeanour during all a best options available, to fit all budgets. We have tested many inclination out and hand-picked a tip options, examination on as we examination any one in fact and list a pros and cons of each.

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Top Picks

Kinivo 501BN 5-Port High Speed 4K 30Hz HDMI Switch With IR Wireless Remote And AC Power Adapter - For Xbox 360/One, PS4/PS3, Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray Player, Apple TV, Roku etcHDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher 2 Input 1 Output, HDMI Switch Splitter 2 x 1/1 x 2. No External Power Required, Supports 4K 3D HD 1080P for Xbox PS4 Roku HDTVE-SDS UHD 4K@60Hz HDMI Switch ,5x1 HDMI Switch with IR Wireless Remote, Auto EDID, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and RS232Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP and IR Wireless Remote Control, HDMI Switcher Hub Port Switches (ZW410)Kinivo 501BN 5-Port High Speed 4K 30Hz HDMI Switch With IR Wireless Remote And AC Power Adapter - For Xbox 360/One, PS4/PS3, Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray Player, Apple TV, Roku etcHDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher 2 Input 1 Output, HDMI Switch Splitter 2 x 1/1 x 2. No External Power Required, Supports 4K 3D HD 1080P for Xbox PS4 Roku HDTVE-SDS UHD 4K@60Hz HDMI Switch ,5x1 HDMI Switch with IR Wireless Remote, Auto EDID, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and RS232Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP and IR Wireless Remote Control, HDMI Switcher Hub Port Switches (ZW410)

  • Best overall – with 4K resolution, 3D graphics capacity, vast device compatibility, and easy setup, a Kinivo 501BN 5-Port High-Speed 4K 30Hz HDMI Switch is a tip choice for many users.
  • Best budget – a Techole HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter is a arguable fortitude for those who don’t wish to spend too many on their device.
  • Best premium – finished with a steel feverishness penetrate pattern that includes a sequence RS232 port, a E-SDS UHD 4K HDMI Switch is a best peculiarity option.
  • Best value – a Zettaguard 4X1 HDMI Switch offers offset opening with 4K video and picture-in-picture facilities during a reasonable price.

Kinivo 501BN 5-Port High-Speed 4K 30Hz HDMI Switch

This elementary HDMI switch is one of a arguable releases to bond adult to 5 inclination such as gaming consoles or laptops to a TV. As a result, it is a declutter pattern that can facilitate a whole network of cables that run towards a TV.

Inside a pack, users get a Kinivo HDMI switch, an IR remote control, an AC energy adapter, and a user’s manual. But a loyal strength of a HDMI switch comes in a performance. The star underline is a 4K video ability during 30Hz. This video peculiarity is, in fact, a same to what is offering by some of a many costly HDMI switchers and splitters. In terms of picture quality, it is means to imitate clear colors and picturesque photos and images.

The HDMI switcher also supports 3D technology. Playing top-rated games on consoles such as PS3, PS4 or Xbox comes with considerable graphics, usually as gamers would wish for. With low tone adult to 36-bit, a information upheld by a HDMI switch caters both TV images and 3D graphics.

The good news is that a HDMI switcher is not singular to a inclination it can work with. This includes renouned PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, BlueRay players, and all versions of Apple TV. Up to 5 opposite or identical inclination can be connected to a splitter. A elementary device map can embody a gaming console, a wire box, a Roku, a BlueRay player, an Apple TV connected to a splitter and afterwards out to possibly a plan or an HDTV.

Using a HDMI switcher even when all ports are used is not complicated. The involuntary switch duty also works in preference of a user. It indeed detects a device in use and it creates it a default choice for a switcher. Of course, if there are mixed active inputs than a user can name that of those inputs is transmitted as an output. This is possibly finished around a IR remote control or regulating a primer name symbol on a switcher. The good news is that even with these involuntary functions, a switcher can hoop feverishness really well. For this reason, it is indeed finished with a hybrid aluminum body. This physique allows correct feverishness dissipation. Even when used for hours, it handles information send though overheating.

DotStone HDMI Switch Bi-Direction 4K HDMI Splitter

As one of a compress HDMI splitters, the DotStone design manages good formula when it comes to full harmony with TVs and several consoles. The bi-direction HDMI switch can bond dual HDMI inputs to a TV. With no additional inclination needed, determining a submit HDMI cables is easy. There is a elementary switch symbol that users can press to change a submit to a TV.

One of a pivotal facilities of a compress HDMI splitter is found in a 4K compatibility. Supporting a ability of 30hz, it is as qualitative as users wish for. Of course, this also means a splitter handles 3D and 1080p video quality. But even a sound peculiarity is impressive. There is no detriment in sound peculiarity during a information send process.

When it comes to regulating a HDMI switch, there are no vital worries for a users. With a strech of adult to 16 feet, a switcher still manages to offer lossless video and audio quality. This is, of course, when a cables say their 3.4Gps consistent bandwidth. It also means that a prolonged cables can strech many devices. This can embody consoles such as PS4 or Xbox as good as projectors and TVs.

A singular advantage of this tiny HDMI switcher comes with a plug-and-play design. Practically, it needs no outmost energy that means it is discerning to bond and it comes with fewer cables. But a switcher is also a tip squeeze for those seeking a future-proof design. One of a reasons for a explain is a fact that it comes with a few engaging certifications. With FCC, ROHS, and EMC certifications, a switcher is reliable. As a result, it is even lonesome by an 18-month product warranty.

A regard that competence be sold to gamers comes with a lag. But a good news is that there is no loiter with a DotStone switcher, even when personification a latest games. With such a compress pattern and a plug-and-play design, it is a strike for many gamers or those seeking to bond a PC to a TV.

Zettaguard 4X1 HDMI Switch

This HDMI switch is famous for a high-quality picture send to a TV from many concordant devices. It supports 4K and 2K resolutions that meant it can also be deliberate for some of a many complicated TV sets of a moment.

In sequence to set adult a switcher, it initial needs to be connected to a energy source. The submit inclination rubbed can be adult to 4.  But a good news is that transitioning between these inclination is really easy. Using a remote control, users can simply press on a series of any specific submit to change a outlay to a TV. For this purpose, a picture-in-picture functionality is also in place. This underline allows users to indeed arrangement mixed inclination on a TV screen. Users can afterwards name a device they wish to arrangement in full screen, with a well-spoken transition. This underline works with 3 sub-screens and 1 full screen. Even more, it can be deliberate for practicality purposes. So a underline allows users to check their emails or see an updated on their favorite sports diversion while examination a movie. This can be finished around a remote control, though indeed carrying to leave a seat.

3D graphics are also upheld by a switcher. Gamers can use a device to submit their favorite games and play on a TV shade for a some-more immersive gameplay experience. With a upheld abyss of tone of 30bit, 36bit, and 48bit, a switcher handles even a tip peculiarity images.

Even examination revoke fortitude 1080p HD videos on a TV or projector is probable with a switcher. At a energy expenditure of 1W only, there are no reasons to boot it even when personification or examination cinema for hours and hours.

Another engaging evil comes with a enclosed LED standing lights. When all 4 HDMI cables are connected, a red LED light is on. If one of a HDMI inputs is comparison as an output, a analogous LED light turns blue. So even when there is not too many prominence in a room, users can still tell if a cables are connected correctly.

Smartoo 23031 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 HDMI Switcher

Supporting full 4K resolution, the HDMI switcher works with a limit series of 3 inputs. It stands out with a 4K ability as it can work with a 60Hz ability even when connected to a 1080p video output. It even supports all forms of audio formats, generally Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

The switcher is concordant with HDR devices. These embody Samsung SUHD HDR + HDR-1000 and a LG Super Ultra HD HDR 10. These inclination can also advantage from cables lengths suitable for unchanging or vast rooms. Possible wire lengths for 1080p video peculiarity embody options adult to 25m. 4K video fortitude comes with shorter wire lengths of adult to 10m.

An modernized underline of a HDMI switcher is a automobile console switch when a vigilance is detected. It means a console is used is a one that is automatically sent to a video outlay and a TV. It is because indeed regulating a enclosed remote control is not as visit and many people would expect. The enclosed remote control competence indeed usually be used when mixed consoles are switched on. The good news is that these involuntary switches are fast. They are also well-spoken so they don’t take too many divided from a user experience.

But a biggest advantage of a HDMI switcher is indeed a distance compared to many other products. It can say a low form while doing cables and ensuring al HDMI information send is finished in an orderly manner.  The usually requirement it comes with is to be tighten to a energy opening to bond a 5V DC input

Fosmon HD1832 Intelligent 5×1 5-Port HDMI Switch

With full HD support, the Fosmon HD1832 Intelligent 5×1 5-Port HDMI Switch is among a options to cruise for those who don’t need 4K capacity. As one of a many affordable splitters, it can be a discerning fortitude for those who are not privately into tech or who don’t wish a tip resolution. At a same time, TV sets that don’t offer 4K video peculiarity can advantage from a splitter as well.

Up to 5 HDMI inputs can be connected to a splitter. Although it is marketed with 6-cable pictures, one of them is a tangible outlay cable.  All of these inputs support 12-bit low tone per channel. There is a limit of 36-bits opposite all channels. As an engaging addition, a golden-plated 24K ports can supplement to a continuance of a splitter, generally if a HDMI cables are connected during divided often.

The splitter also comes with an infrared remote control. It offers users a probability of indeed environment their possess outlay device, even though vital a comfort of a sofa. The remote control is really elementary and substantially a easiest to use when compared to a alternatives. It usually has 4 buttons. Each symbol is reserved to an HDMI input.

The splitter also comes with a vital advantage of a plug-and-play design. There is no indispensable energy connectivity and a splitter works immediately. The pivotal here is that it indeed uses sufficient energy from a connected devices. Users can also find it easy to troubleshoot simple problems. For this purpose, they can simply check if a analogous immature LED light is on for any HDMI input.

E-SDS UHD 4K@60Hz HDMI Switch

Easily switching between 5 HDMI sources competence be all that’s indispensable for those who wish to make a many of a splitter. The E-SDS design is finished to a high customary even when compared to some-more costly alternatives. Supporting 4K video peculiarity during 60Hz creates it a profitable choice for those with TVs of a latest generation. Full HD videos are upheld as well, together with 3D graphics for picturesque games.

With a consistent bandwidth of 15Gpbs, a switch is arguable as prolonged as a HDMI cables are not too long. Standard audio peculiarity is upheld as well. But a splitter also works with Direct Stream Digital and HD audio. Furthermore, it is also one of a few switchers finished with an RS232 multi-purpose port.

But graphic many other splitters, it also comes with a construction peculiarity to remember. Made with steel casing, it handles all forms of video demands, even when all ports are in use. The outcome is that it maintains a docile feverishness as it offers improved feverishness dispersion.

In sequence to implement a HDMI switchers, users need to find a closest energy supply. Once a splitter is connected, it can be entirely tranquil with a assistance of a enclosed remote control. But a biggest advantage of a splitter stays a sequence pier connectivity. It works with all other inclination that have such a port. This includes computers, consoles or video projectors.

One of a issues of a splitter came in a form of trance moments when Roku was connected during a default 4:2:2. But a reset during 4:2:0 from a tip shade can discharge this emanate and safeguard a device can be connected to a splitter though any detriment of signal.

J-Tech Digital 4-Port 4K 4×1 HDMI Switch with PIP

The switcher is endorsed for those who wish to have a ability to spin a auto-switch duty off. Since this can be an emanate for many users, even with heading designs, this duty alone can propel a HDMI switcher towards a tip preferences for a ultimate control. The duty is optimized to offer practicality. When a switcher is incited off, it will remember a latest in-use device when it powers behind on.  When a auto-switch choice is incited off, a user has all a control of a outlay device.

But a switcher also comes with other modernized functions such as a picture-in-picture functionality. It is many a preview of all connected devices. Users can simply switch between DVD sets and gaming consoles formed on this feature.

Up to 4 opposite inclination can be connected to a HDMI switch. They could be a computer, an Apple TV, a PS4, an HD source or an HD player. All of them can be among a top-quality picture fortitude designs of 4K and 3D graphics. The remote control can also be a accessible fortitude when all ports are used to make switching easier.

Another area where a HDMI switcher is user-orientated comes with a LED light. Starting from a left side of a switcher, a red LED light is on while a energy wire is connected. The auto-switch duty indicator is next. Whenever a splitter is connected to an outlay device such as a TV, a immature light is on as well. All connected HDMI inclination also have their possess attributed LED lights. A earthy switch symbol is also available. It can be used in box of user remove a remote control.

Univivi HDMI Switch 4K 5 Port 5×1 HDMI Switcher

Users looking for an superb switcher can find Univivi’s design to be a tantalizing option. Made with a graphic piano black finish, a switcher is among a many durable designs in a class. It has an aluminum frame, a element that is famous to cold quick and that is matched for mixed hours of work per day. But a switcher also comes with 24K ports. These coated ports are famous for their gnawing resistance. Fighting opposite healthy oxidation, they revoke taint and many boost a continuance of a switcher. With a strong design, a device can be deliberate as a durable choice that can be used in blurb spaces as good as during home.

It handles adult to 5 HD sources and it can extremely revoke confusion and all a cables that would be compared with TV connectivity though it. But when it comes to tangible video performance, it is finished to a same high customary as a earthy case. It represents a tip choice for 4K video peculiarity during 30Hz. Supporting ultra-HD video quality, it is endorsed for improved video quality, even when joining a console such as a Xbox One.

The switcher also comes with other modernized functionalities to make a life of a user easier. The auto-switch choice automatically detects a device in use and it sends a vigilance towards a outlay port. Manual preference is also easy by remote control. Each symbol on a remote control has been attributed to an HDMI port. When it comes to practicality, creation a switch is straightforward. When auto-switch is a option, a device will set a now active submit as active.  A primer switch can be activated by dire a reserved symbol on a switcher and selecting a accurate input. On tip of these methods, a IR remote control process can be used as well.

Techole HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter

Without a doubt, a particular evil of a Techole switch comes with a size. Even if it usually handles 2 HDMI inputs, it still stays a unsentimental pattern that doesn’t need too many space and that can be simply dark divided from steer as a outcome of a compress size.

Being a compress splitter, it needs a energy supply. This can be deliberate by those who don’t have an evident wall opening to use energy for many choice HDMI switchers. With a quick transmission, a HDMI switcher can be deliberate for all forms of uses. From a desktop mechanism connected to a TV together with a laptop or from a PlayStation console connected to a TV with a BlueRay player, it can offer mixed purposes.

The compress HDMI splitter supports jaw-dropping picture peculiarity during 4K resolution. Even personification games by a switcher still comes with considerable graphics and resolution. 3D graphics are supported. When examination revoke fortitude videos though still in HD peculiarity from online sources such as YouTube or Vimeo, a switcher still does any video probity for a considerable quality.

The pattern itself speaks about a compress inlet of a splitter. But a good news is that even with such a tiny body, Techole has still managed to embody a few must-have earthy characteristics. One of them is a tangible switch symbol that allows users to name their elite input. But a switcher also comes with a immature light vigilance for a submit that is in use.

Made from aluminum alloy, a switcher is among a many durable options in a class. It represents a viable choice for those who always wish their tech products to demeanour good and a importance on aesthetics has been value it in a finish for a switcher. Since a product offers considerable quality, this is also seen in a tangible product warranty. It is one of a few products that offer a 24-month extended warranty.

Fosmon 4-Port 4Kx2K HDMI Switch

Reasonably priced, Fosmon’s HDMI switch comes to residence some of a issues this difficulty of products is compared with. As many users expect, a aim is to offer quick circuitry. It means there is no detriment of signal, no blackouts, and no loiter when transferring 4K video peculiarity by a switcher. It also comes with picture-in-picture functionality. This underline will arrangement tiny submit windows on a categorical screen. However, this duty is indeed singular to a video peculiarity of adult to 1080p. The switcher also offers energy support that can be useful for underpowered HDMI sources. Of course, a categorical strength is that it indeed offers 4K video resolution. But it also differentiates itself on a earthy side. It comes with a ventilated case, ideal for gripping a regulating feverishness lower.

Fosmon competence be a comparatively new association as it’s been founded in 2007. But a 4-port HDMI switch is indeed useful for many users. It connects directly to all HDMI-enabled devices.    They can embody a laptop, a computer, a DVD player, an Apple TV, a Roku, a latest versions of a PlayStation console, a latest Xbox versions, a Nintendo Wii and many other sources. At a same time, even if it can hoop adult to 3 HDMI inputs, it still comes with a low weight. At 122 grams, it is probably weightless, even with a strong casing. Users can also advantage from a combined remote control that creates toggling between a HDMI inclination faster and comfortable.

The best HDMI switchers and splitters are mostly selected on a basement of video fortitude capabilities. Of course, for many users, this is a many critical evil and it can be adequate for an sensitive choice. Other characteristics to cruise embody a following options.

  • 4K, 2K, and 1080p 4K video support is not offering by all HDMI splitters. Some splitters are singular during Full HD video resolution. A approach of future-proofing a squeeze of any splitter is to simply name a 4K-capable device, even if a fortitude is still not indispensable during a impulse of purchase. In other cases, 1080p video peculiarity competence be some-more than adequate for many users.
  • Number of HDMI ports The series of HDMI ports is essential to a good purchase. Many people simply onslaught to find this series and afterwards find out they need additional ports. From 2 to 5 ports, there are a few splitters to consider. For a mechanism and a gaming console, a 2-port splitter competence be sufficient. But many users can advantage from 4 or 5 ports that can bond their Apple TV, BlueRay or even their Nintendo console to a TV regulating a singular splitter.
  • Heat government Overheating can be a problem for inclination with mixed HDMI ports. In some cases, it is a categorical means of splitter disaster in a future. In some cases, overheating can means tiny problems such as a primer switch symbol malfunction. In other cases, it can means sum splitter failure. Regardless of a situation, gripping a splitter in a ventilated area is recommended.
  • Auto-switch functionality The auto-switch duty is dividing users. Some adore it while others hatred it. At a core, this duty is indeed useful. It detects a device in use and it sends a vigilance serve to a TV. In other cases, it comes with certain problems where it even incidentally switches a outlay device. This problem can be tackled manually when a duty is switched off and when users are in assign of their outlay device switch. But a problem is many HDMI switchers are not indeed thorough of a duty that would spin off a auto-switch characteristic.
  • Picture-in-picture previews This duty is one of a elite options for users who wish to keep an eye on other devices. For example, a picture-in-picture duty can concede users to keep an eye on a sports diversion when they live on a mechanism while examination a film on a DVD actor on a TV. Of course, both inclination would need to be connected to a splitter. But a good news is that some of these functions are simply integrated into a remote control operation with a dedicated button. They are discerning to use and they can be useful in certain scenarios. The problems this underline is scandalous for includes lag. But given a duty usually works with 1080p video quality, this problem is starting to turn reduction of an issue.
  • Remote control operation Some HDMI switchers come with remote control operation. It competence not be a many requested characteristic, though it has a advantages. For example, when a switcher is used in a discussion room, a remote control can simply name a outlay device or mechanism connected to a TV. At a same time, a remote control can switch a outlay HDMI source from a lounge for home users. But given many tiny remote controls tend to be mislaid around a house, it is advisable to also cruise a splitter that comes with a primer switch symbol as a backup.
  • Another critical care to make is with a infrared record of a remote control. If some users are formulation to tuck a splitter divided from sight, this competence indeed impede a vigilance from a remote control. It is because a splitter still needs to be placed in a plcae where a infrared vigilance of a remote control would strech it though interruptions.
  • Power connectivity Some HDMI splitters need their possess energy reserve while others use a energy from a connected devices. It can be pronounced for certain that one is improved than a other. However, some of a best HMDI switchers and splitters come with their detached energy cables. It means a splitter needs to be connected to AC energy during all times.
  • A few facilities have subsequent from a pattern with a energy source. For example, in box of a energy outage, a splitter can remember to resume a device in use before a energy outage. In other cases, a brief energy stop competence need users to manually name their preferred switch. Constant energy also means additional feverishness production. It is because all HDMI switchers should be kept divided from objects that can feverishness them even more. These can embody a TV or any other electronic device producing feverishness in a closeness of a HDMI switcher.

Here are a answers to some common questions we competence have about HDMI Splitters and Switchers.

  • My HDMI switcher is slow, what can we do? Lag is a tenure mostly mentioned by users who see a behind response on their HDMI switcher. Its causes are mixed and in many cases, there’s not many to be finished about it detached from ensuring a HDMI cables are of a compulsory quality.
  • Does my device bond to an HDMI TV? If you’re uncertain if your device such as a laptop or console connects to an HDMI TV, we can check a device itself or a user’s primer to see a plcae of a HDMI port.
  • Does a HDMI switcher renovate videos to 4K? An HDMI switcher is usually a transmitter. It can't boost a video peculiarity from a strange source.
  • How prolonged can we use an HDMI switcher for? Most HDMI switchers are finished to be used for hours. This is because their overheating problems are addresses with materials that sunder feverishness fast.
  • I have a prolonged HDMI cable, is it good for 4K resolution? If your wire is too long, it competence remove vigilance strength on a approach to a TV. Users need to check endorsed HDMI wire lengths with their splitters of choice.
  • I can’t seem to see a picture-in-picture 4K previews, what can we do? The picture-in-picture duty is especially set to 1080p video fortitude during best.
  • Can we leave a HDMI inputs in a switcher during all times? All cables can be connected to a HDMI switcher during all times. This includes durations when a device is not in use.
  • What is a best approach to bond an HDTV to my PS4? A PS4 console can be connected to an HDTV directly. In box of mixed HDMI sources, a splitter competence facilitate a HMDI device map.
  • I adore both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, can we bond them to a intelligent TV? Since some games are singular to these consoles, they can be used together. They can even be connected by a same splitter to equivocate changing cables when switching from one console to another.
  • I wish to use a projector to watch movies, can we do so with an HDMI switcher? If a projector comes with HDMI connectivity, it can be some-more than adequate to offer a cinema-style movie-watching knowledge during home.
  • My bureau has 4 computers, can they be connected to a TV around a splitter? For business purposes, mixed computers can be connected to a same TV source. Splitters competence be useful for several presentations. In this case, splitters are usually singular by a series of ports and a series of computers they can bond during a same time.


Some of a best HDMI switchers are means to offer consistent opening with no interruptions. The final thing users pattern when enthralled in a diversion is to indeed remove a vigilance from a console to a TV. It is because a arguable HDMI switcher is a usually choice in many cases.

At a same time, many HDMI switchers are affordable. Compared to other peripherals, they don’t need a vast financial investment to possess flagship designs. It is because many users can squeeze a switcher and peculiarity HDMI cables for a best formula even after a prolonged duration of time.

Additional purchases competence not be indispensable for many HDMI switchers. However, many inclination that use a remote control tend to boat with no batteries. It is because these batteries competence need to be purchased separately. With all of these accessories in place, all HDMI inclination can be connected to a TV with a best video and audio quality.

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