3D TV Is Now Officially Dead

Just underneath a decade ago, 3D done a large quip in cinemas with a likes of “Avatar” display how to do it right, and “Clash of a Titans” how to do it wrong. It was a newness that, yet still in use today, has prolonged ragged out a welcome.

Attempts were done in a TV attention to follow fit and for a early partial of this decade, a large offered indicate of TVs were about their 3D capabilities. Yet seductiveness was muted, and a attention itself has given changed on to a some-more appealing waters of 4K resolution, high energetic operation tone and plasma-quality OLED screens.

Soon brands like Samsung, Verizon, TCL, and Sharp pulled out of creation 3D sets due to muted sales. 3D TVs have accounted for a abating share of US flat-panel TV sales each year given 2012 down to only 16% of new in a final year or so.

This week, LG and Sony have strictly announced that they will not be producing any TV sets with 3D record in 2017. The span were a final dual TV-manufacturers still building their sets with 3D capabilities, that renders a destiny of 3D TVs strictly passed for now.

Source: Life Hacker

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